Dots and Hard Hats and Chains, Oh My!

Hanging out on Pinterest yesterday, I stumbled across this awesome image of a hard-hatted nail among chic polka-dotted friends. Wow! Sometimes you think you’ve seen all the nail innovations they could possibly invent, but then you see something like this and realize that the world of manicures is ever-evolving. Happy girl front and center!


I haven’t yet found this cool device for purchase, but the moment I do, it’s mine! In the meantime, did you know that polka dotted nails are actually super-easy? I’ve done them myself multiple times and received scores of compliments. One favorite is to paint your nails with two coats of a matte polish, let it dry, and then dab glossy top coat sporadically to create a textured polka-dot look.430781_514433158597400_800136305_n

If you want to get really fancy, you can invest in a nail art pen. Many are around $10 at drug stores. These allow you to be very precise with your dots. I’d start with white (which looks great against pastels, neons, and dark tones) and then branch out once you’ve proven to yourself that you’ll actually use the thing. Feeling more adventurous? Try pale pink with blue dots or bold green with orange dots. The options are limitless. Have fun!


I mean, why not?


Fair Weather Fashion

Who’s got spring on the brain? This newly-southern belle does. From lace dresses to chunky platforms and even the oft-dreaded bikini, I’ve been cruising the racks and the online shops for some key pieces that will brighten up the coming season.

Today it’s in the 70s in Dallas and I rocked my favorite Theory cropped jeans (a chic slate blue denim) with black velvet Tory smoking loafers and a red crochet top I nabbed at Urban on what my mother would call “Deep Sale” at the end of last summer. It’s a fun spring outfit for a very temperate day, but just last week it was freezing here as it is in the rest of the country, so I’m sure we aren’t planted in full-on spring style … yet.


Today’s cute top, though I am wearing it in red (no longer available). If you wear a medium, score it STAT in white, the only color and size combo left., $24

I’ve been eying a particularly cute raised floral, high-waist bikini from American Apparel for over a year now and it’s finally inched its way down the sale ladder to a price I was able to swing. I sized up as I always do with them and was delighted when it came in the mail this weekend. Now, as for trying it on, I think I’ll take a few more weeks to make sure I’m feeling swimwear-ready. But from initial glance, it’s everything I expected and it has a cute a detachable string that can be used to turn the bandeau top into a halter on a whim.


On sale for $15 each piece,

For the most part, I’m biding my time with the acquisition of new duds for two reasons. First, I have a wedding at the end of this year and I need to save the cash. Second, some of what I’m seeing is still quite reminiscent of last year’s hot-ticket items and I think if I play my cards right, I might be able to nab some key pieces at low prices by digging through the sale racks.

If you’re itching for some instant satisfaction, check out Nanette Lepore’s new collaboration with jcpenney, an ultra-chic juniors collection that’s ready for the picking and bursting with neons, floral prints, high-low details and great skinnies. If you’ve got the dough, nothing says spring like my newest obsession– Miu Miu crystal-heeled ankle-strap pumps. Now, that’s fashion.


Dream girl, dream. $1,150. Miu Miu stores.

Try Something New: Mix & Match for Spring

January’s Lucky mag is filled with surprising mix-and-match outfit ideas that are utterly to die for. From wild stripes with bright florals to stars and polka dots with a drapey neon cardigan thrown on top, this glitter girl was majorly inspired. It’s definitely still the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t brighten things up a little, am I wrong? Today I’m sporting a lot of black: high-waisted BDG leggings from Urban, Ferragamo low-heeled rain boots, and a long cashmere cardi from Juicy Couture. My pop of color is in the form of a bright, ocean-blue lace dress from Free People that I nabbed on sale at Bloomie’s over the holidays. Compliment count: 3 so far. Not bad!
image photoThe blue creates a surprising burst of color and looks great next to my new gray Alexander Wang bag (thanks Joshy!) but now that I’ve braved a cold wintry day in my cheerful spring dress, it’s time for more fun. It’s time for tweeds with flowers and stars with dots and stripes. I’m ready! Are you? Here are some ideas:


Yes! She’s got it. These minxy striped leggings and black floral tee are perfect. At this time of year, you’d need to add a leather bomber. But yes. This is it!


Her H&M floral bomber is a surprising addition to the white and black polka-dotted frock. Bobby socks and peeptoe booties round out the look.


She’s got it all. A bright top, plaid blazer, striped pencil skirt, statement necklace and wild shoes. Too much for you? Try just the top and a plaid blazer. Too cold? Add navy tights! Cute.

Day-Old Mascara: The newest lazy girl YES?

Wow! I found this post in my old draft this morning and had to share it with y’all. A lot has changed since I wrote it… except for my appreciation for Pop Beauty’s mascara and my tendency to leave it on for two days running. Since I wrote this, I have: moved back to Brooklyn, gone on vacation, gotten engaged (!), started a second blog, moved to Dallas, reconfigured my freelance lifestyle and gone through two rounds of false lashes. And no matter what, I go back to this mascara and this method, so I thought I would share it with you even though the post is outdated. A sort of time capsule from just shy of a year ago — so much has changed, but my favorite beauty tips remain the same. Here it is:

Even sexier the next day. Trust me.

Okay, okay. Before you judge, HEAR ME OUT. It’s been a crazed month, reaching its pinnacle last Monday. Quit day job to pursue dreams. Book enough freelance work to convince family that this is a sound decision. Receive amazing opportunity from former employer and mentor to work on exceptionally cool project (more details on that later!) Learn that big brother needs help running his new wine store. Relocate to Connecticut with cat for one month. Move one third of belongings to mother’s home, one third to brother’s home, and one third to boyfriend’s home. Take a deep breath. Go to sleep. Wake up. Get to work (at liquor store, where you can do your other work downstairs in the basement). Remember that you forgot to put mascara on.


I recently stumbled upon an incredible mascara by Pop Beauty that I highly, highly recommend. I am absolutely meticulous about my lashes and even dabbled in faux’s for a while. I’ve always had an obsession with mascara and am literally unable to leave the home without it. In my former life as a Diorshow user, I had several tricks for creating the appearance of longer lashes. Pulling upward with the wand, casting eyes downward, building layer upon layer, adding extra coats, and so on. In my new life as a Pop Beauty user, I pay $10 less per tube for a mascara that naturally builds and expands on my lashes, creating a longer and fuller look with brilliant little fibers that blend flawlessly with the lashes I naturally have.

In the latest chapter of life, where I find myself working from home or from the basement at the Wise Old Dog, my inner lazy girl has discovered that, if not removed at night, this kick-ass mascara can last a full forty-eight hours. Should you go to bed every night without washing your face? Of course not. But if you didn’t wear anything on your skin one day and you do a quick once-over with a cleansing cloth followed by moisturizer, I am hereby giving you permission to lazily rock day-old mascara one day each week. Bonus: day-old liner is smudgy, sexy and tres 70’s glam. Your boy will love it… I know mine did!

Dreaming of beautiful second-day lashes…