New Obsession: Uneven Hemlines

Why does every girl in this city wearing uneven hemline look like such an effortlessly chic princess? Whether pulled off in silk, chiffon, wool, denim or otherwise, this unbearably fabulous look is wearable, sexy, and glam without a hint of that odious I-try-too-hard factor. Worn with the shorter part to the side or in the front, you can’t go wrong. Where to score yours? Look around, dolls. I guarantee you will find the right one.

Free People skirt ON SALE for $68 at

Need Supply Co "Buttercup Skirt" ON SALE for 32.99

Urban Outfitters, "Sparkle & Fade High/Low Skirt"


Mochacino Melts my Heart

What is it about the neutral nail trend that we all love so much? No matter how happy pink makes you, how sexy your guy thinks red is, or how wonderfully dramatic it might feel to wear black polish, the past several seasons have been replete with browns, tans, and taupes. Don’t get me wrong; I truly do love this trend. But I’ve reached a point where I need a little naughty in my neutral. Enter the new favorite hue from Essie.

I arrived at Job #2 this evening about 30 minutes early. (Okay, backtrack. If writing is Job #1 and Tiffany’s is Job #2, then I arrived at Job #3 tonight 30 minutes early). Across the street from Job #3 is one of those amazing Duane Reades that actually cares about bringing its customers the best in beauty. Instead of the standard assortment of 20 or so Essie throwbacks, they offer a huge seasonal selection, plenty of classic faves, and a few randoms for fun. In the mood to paint my nails and dying for something totally different from what I’ve been sporting lately, I settled on a creamy, pale gray-chocolate infused with silver opalescence. Dead.

Called Mochacino, this funky hue is the perfect solution to your conundrum about how to play it safe but have just enough fun. And, as always, at $8 a pop, you can hardly beat a bottle of Essie. Happy weekend, my loves!

A Long Time Coming

She might have warned against too many accessories, but even Coco loved to drip in jewels...

Not only have I let you down, my faithful readers, but I have let myself down, too. The rush and constant excitement of freelance writing paired with a full-time job has become a truly fun but never-ending cycle that allows little time for personal rumination and other simple pleasures. I have made the firm decision to NEVER wait this long again to update Sparkles & Fun and I hope I have not lost your love and attention!

For today, a quick trend note that I hope you’ll all enjoy. In working at Tiffany & Co and finding myself purchasing a ton of baubles recently, I find that sometimes it can be extraordinarily satisfying to wear too many pieces of jewelry. Yes, I must apologize posthumously to Coco Chanel who advised that a lady should always remove one thing before heading out the door. I proudly admit that more often than not, I’m adding something rather than subtracting. Elsa Peretti open hearts, Tiffany keys, double hearts, charms, Return to Tiffany… more sterling than one can imagine wanting floats from everywhere possible. Oh, and lest we forget the rings…

The moral is, my cherubs, you can never hold too firmly to the rules. What one person deems unseemly or declasse could just be your next fashion moment, so try to enjoy, indulge, and be merry this season.

xxx Jensy

Mi Want Miu Miu

This glitter girl loves nothing more than a sparkly shoe. Well, anything sparkly will do it for me, but the power of the shoe is something undeniable. Nothing says fashion like a bad ass pair of shoes, and no matter what else you’re wearing, if your shoes are sexy, you are too. I’ve had my eye on the latest Miu Miu’s for a while now, and had to share with you the utter glitz, glam and glitter of this insanely hot collection. Now, as for saving enough green to buy the gold? That might be tougher than taking a few minutes to ruminate on how much I love these damn shoes.

PS. If you lucky little devils have the change, you can head to the official Miu Miu site to e-purchase.

There's no place like home... Perfection in pink. $650

Glitter pump with banana heel. $630

Pony skin and glitter slingback pump. $675

Peep Toe glitter Mary Jane with bows, a chunky platform heel, and ankle strap. $670