Underground Glam

Ever been on the subway (or bus, train, etc) and noticed another fashionista like yourself, scrambling to get ready and put her face on? I’m guilty of the last minute get-ready routine myself, and have been known to wait not-so-patiently for a seat to open up so I can spread out my wares and put my damn face on. But this morning I reached an all-time beauty low (high?) and found myself … shamelessly… painting my nails on the subway.

Sigh. It’s true, dolls, that we are often running so late we should just shelve the plan entirely and go for a more natural look. But when your nails are completely bare and you’re headed out into the world, doesn’t the sad little sight of them make you want to cringe? Luckily, I was armed with the following products, and I suggest you hurriers head straight to Duane Reade pronto and pick some up yourself! While my nails don’t look amazing by any means, they are passably cute. And they were certainly dry before I clocked in. Hurrah for underground beauty!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fast drying nail polish in Slick Slate, drugstore.com, $4


Julep fast dry top coat, julep.com, $14




Just a Pretty Skirt

As you know by now, this whole issue of the hemlines at work has been killing me. It’s funny, isn’t it, once you’re committed to a new fashion rule how wholly it can consume you. I remember when I was first diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease (an autoimmune issue that makes your fingers and toes dangerously cold in winter months). I went on a hunt for mittens and gloves like no girl has ever done before–cashmere, silk, leather, and suede. H&M, Ugg, Barneys… I went everywhere. Mom and I recently sorted through my astonishing glove collection and snickered just a bit, realizing how crazy-fashion-hoarder we can both get at times.

A similar issue with the skirts is happening now. Except that I am broke. So, the long skirts are not as easily acquired as the mittens were long ago when I had no expenses. But I digress. This entirely too long intro is simply to say that I have found my next must-buy, and I wanted to share it with you. Calypso is by far one of my favorite places to go for pretty things. While perusing their sale section online today, I found this amazing skirt. It comes in hazelnut (which, frankly, looks more like pink to me) and this effortlessly chic navy. The draping silk detail and chic ribbon edges are divine; I imagine it floating against the body like a dream. Oh, and they still have most sizes 0-10 available, on sale for $129. Just sayin! Happy Saturday, my little dumplings. And as always, happy shopping!

Calypso-celle.com, ON SALE for $129 from $295

Light of the Moon

Shimmering, moon-glow colors are everywhere this season from lips to eyes and nails. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, we will go there together. The moment you spread a milky, silvery shadow over your lids and step back to check yourself out in the mirror, you will thank me. These ethereal shades look good on everyone, and there are so many options out there to explore.

Beam Me Up Polish:

OPI’s sexy Texas Collection offers a super-chic whitish-silver reminiscent of both classic films and Southern belles. Aptly named “I Vant to be A-lone Star,” the $8 bottle will have you staring at your nails with a smile anytime of year. A perfect neutral for the fall transition, this hue will stay in heavy circulation for winter cocktails parties and once the sun comes back to join us next spring.


Starrier than Thou Lipstick:

Think gray lips won’t work on you? Think again. All it takes are two heavily applied layers of this fabulous matte stick in “Chinchilla” from Lime Crime and you will be seeing stars. For best results, keep your eye makeup black yet minimal, and make sure to put a little gloss on those cheeks so you aren’t washed out. Quel heartbreaker!

Check out limecrimemakeup.com for tons of amazing colors you can't find anywhere else.

Great White Eye Shadow:

Bright white shadow is not too space-creature, I promise. Once it’s applied correctly, your eyes open up and glow, your face looks more youthful, and you realize how little makeup you’ll need elsewhere. I really like Buxom’s version because, as promised, it stays put. This “Sheepdog” shimmering white is a great choice.

You can try just a sweep or make like a runway model and smear it on heavy. Make sure to stay otherwise bare-faced, and fill in those brows for maximum sexiness.

Sephora.com, $17

Light as a Feather

Today is a very proud day for me and for my esteemed colleagues at new online ‘zine, Feather. We have been working tirelessly for the past couple of months to get all the different bits and pieces ready for our excited readers. The magazine will explore themes that matter to girls our age–from the college-bound to the career woman in her early 30’s. Basically, it’s a survival guide for today’s young woman.

We cover everything from fashion and beauty to relationship drama and finances. I’ve already learned so much from the other Feather girls, and I hope you will too. Please check out the site and contact any or all of the editors with your feedback and questions. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it, and that you are excited, as we are are, to watch this project continue to grow and evolve.

Thank you, dolls, for supporting me in everything I do! More to come! xxxJensy

PS. In other news, my amazing boyfriend has set me up with a new email address. You can now reach me on jensy@sparklesnfun.com. Yay!


Crimp Happy

Backstage at Mara Hoffman, crimped bun

I realize I neglected to share my Fashion Week photos here. This was for two reasons; one, many of them were needed for other publications and two, I’ve been completely distracted and haven’t paid enough time or attention to my most precious project, Sparkles & Fun. So, the moment has passed and these items are not exactly newsworthy, but what I will do is share things as they come up or interest me and reference back to the S/S shows. Today, it’s the crimp.

As a little girl, I loved having my hair crimped. Mommy would then pull it all up into a side pony or leave it down and adorn it with a bow. I might be in my (mid? can we still call it mid?)-twenties, but I firmly believe I can still get away with some crimpage. And yes, you can too. Here’s how to make it work.

Do it up:

Thank you for the photo, Refinery29

Whether you’re feeling French twistie, chignon-like, or even more creative, a fully crimped updo is where chic meets funky. I love this look for day or evening. Simply crimp your hair in medium-width sections throughout, and separate it into two halves, top and bottom. Divide top half into one section on each side of your head; pull back, roll up, and pin. With the remaining hair, create a large, poofy chignon (accuracy and perfection are NOT necessary here). Pin all around. Spray generously.

Accept the fact that you’re a sexy broad. And wear it down and huge.

Borrowed from a Parisian fashion mag. 'Nuff said.

Okay. I’m all about the pretty. We know this. But there is something irresistibly delicious about a big ‘ole mess, especially one that looks chic. To achieve a perfectly rockin’ look like this one, it’s best to try two different types of crimper, or two separate plates on your one iron. You want some sections to be narrowly crimped, and others to be wider. Also, you’re going to have to tease your hair. Quite a bit. When finished, flip your head upside down and spray underneath. Hold there a moment until the underside of your hair no longer feels sticky. Flip back up, poof with fingertips, and head out on the town to wow the world with your fiercer-than-fabulous, so-what-if-I-look-like-the-80’s, wonderful, sparkly new ‘do!