Try Something New: A matte/sparkly French

Really loving this impromptu mani I gave myself yesterday. A matte Essie polish “Bermuda Shorts” with glittery polish swept across the top. Fun and fresh for summer!


Makeup Looks: A soft approach to 80’s color

I was meeting the little bro for margaritas and business (yes, we find it easier to assist each other with our respective work challenges over a frozen cocktail. So shoot me). In the stifling early evening heat, I threw on a black eyelet mini dress and my Frye boots. My hair was straight and flowing loosely from having been bound in a topknot all afternoon. My GOD, did I look like the 70’s! So, I decided to skip the obvious (brown shadow, pale lipgloss, and go) and try a fun take on an 80’s inspired makeup look to vamp up the outfit for night.

I wanted to keep the look soft and pretty but with an unexpected punch, so I decided on bold purple eye shadow and pink lips. First, I prepped my combination skin with Clinique acne solutions makeup, which is a Godsend for anyone who gets the occasional tough pimple. Then I colored in and brushed my brows with the Brow Power (I LOVE this product… it looks so natural). In order to define the arch even more, I applied the mally shadow primer all the way up to the base of my brows. This product helps to keep your shadow in place all night.

Then I applied a heavy dose of the MAC shadow with my finger tip. After lining the eyes and before applying mascara to top and bottom lashes, I took a wet q-tip to clean up wherever this opaque shadow was uneven or too bold. I finished off the look using all three colors (warm brown, shimmery bronze, and cool pink) in the it Cosmetics bronzing palette, and smeared on a healthy few layers of the Cover Girl bright pink lipstick. Ta-da!

The tool kit:

Clockwise from bottom left: MAC eye shadow in Shock – a – Holic, it Cosmetics Brow Power pencil, Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascara, Cover Girl lipstick in Temptress, Clinique acne solutions makeup in shade 2, Wet n’ Wild Mega Eyes liquid liner, it Cosmetics makeup brush, mally for QVC shadow primer, it Cosmetics bronzing palette.

The look:

Notice how the purple shadow is soft and not super-dramatic like true 80’s makeup? There is a time and a place for intense color, but I thought that a more subtle application worked well for this look. The bright pink lips certainly helped too– when you’re wearing black, you need a little color on the face. I also really suggest taking your time to apply mascara evenly while extending the lash length. My lower lashes pop here, making the eyes appear bigger and eliminating the need to line the lower lids.

The late night shot:

Okay, I am not even kidding but this photo was taken four hours and two drinks after I left the apartment… and the lipstick was left over from the initial application. $7.99 on, girls. Get yourself a stick today!

Wonder Woman Manicure

Not a super hero? Learn how to fake it.

I went into my local nail salon for a straight-up manicure and selected Essie’s “To Buy or Not to Buy.” For some reason I was expecting it to be a little more sparkly than it turned out. I was bummed. My manicurist totally got it — like me, she is a sucker for anything glitzy and over the top. We thought about applying a glittery topcoat to all of the nails, but she wanted to do something different and special.

She pulled from her arsenal an opaque slate glitter polish that I immediately deemed way too dark. She told me to shh and trust the expert. My goodness! When a beautiful Russian salon owner who loves glitter tells you to shh and trust her, you shut up and do it. Right?

The result was this ridiculously fly mani with one little diagonal swipe of girl power silver across each ring finger. I might be missing a certain sparkly something on this finger, but for the time being, a swipe of Wonder Woman-esque polish will do. What do you think?

This is what makes us girls

Rocking out to Lana del Ray’s “This is What Makes Us Girls” with my pink earbuds plugged into my pink-rubber-bunny-cased iPhone is a fabulously girly thing. The song makes me think about all the trouble my little posses of the past got into… in high school we were cruising around in the back seat of older boys’ Jeeps, swigging Arizona iced tea mixed with cheap vodka out of water bottles. In college we were buying clothes on our parents’ credit cards and pretending no one would ever find out. And then there were the parties… but no need to get into all of that now.

Flashback: Pookie’s bachelorette party in March 2010. Oh, what a night!

Last week: Getting trapped in a hurricane en route to pick up Pookie at work. This served as the perfect time to experiment with a deep side part and a navy eye liner that I found in her glove box.

So, what now? I’m in my late twenties (yes, I am at the age that I can still pretend is mid twenties but everyone else in the world says it’s late. I am over it). I live a calm and quiet life in Brooklyn with a wonderful boyfriend and a sweet little cat. We don’t have children but we do make dinner together from scratch. I make the beds and he does the laundry. We take walks to the pier for ice cream and occasionally I convince him to join me for a boozy brunch with friends or a raucous happy hour. It’s all blissful.

Pookie is domestic too. One night while I visited her in CT, she buried herself in this cookbook trying to decide what to make me for dinner. In the end, we settled on Chinese takeout.

But what about the girls? I spent this past weekend with Pookie remembering what makes us girls. We got really corny-chic manicures at a local salon for $15 a pop. We went shopping and tried on a million lovely things, then bought one each. We skipped the maxi dresses and blue plastic bangles we didn’t need. We lunched on Thai food outside and, influenced by the crisp rose, went back and bought the unnecessary maxi and bangle. (Pink wine and sunshine will do that to a girl. Learn it!)

We ate Mexican food for dinner and got dressed up for no one but each other. We straightened our hair and wore sky-high heels (and our new dresses, you guessed it!). We stumbled home, drunk on jalapeno-infused margaritas and laughter. We stayed up too late watching reruns of Teen Mom and dancing around this pristine little Brooklyn apartment like school girls. (Yes, Josh was out of town!)

It was more than a weekend of splurging and laughing. It was a time to reflect on who we are, who we were, and why we ended up friends in the first place. She might be my sister-in-law now (my brother fell in love and married her after we graduated; can you blame him?), but at the heart of it all, there are a few things that never change. Glitter, lip gloss, music, high heels, secrets, laughter, drip coffee, and pink wine. This is what makes us girls.

Years and miles might have brought us farther from the moment that this shot was taken, but at our core, Pookie and I will ALWAYS be these girls.

Super-Easy Nail Trends

Think you need a big budget and a ton of time to get a really cool manicure? Think again. Creating some of summer’s coolest nail looks could not be easier… and many of them are DIY friendly. I took some clues from this month’s Glamour magazine story on nail trends and added my own favorites. Here are some super-simple tips from Jensy’s apartment to yours:

Glamour suggests:

Singer Michelle Williams’ recent bright coral nail look.

Jensy says: 

Strawberry is another great choice, looking shiny, girly, and fierce all at once. I went with Essie’s “E-nuf is E-nuf” for this fun look. $8,

Glamour says:

Create a glittery highlight nail

Jensy says:

That was easy! Swipe on two layers of Milani glitter polish (I chose Pink Flair) for a glitzy look.

Other ideas:

Pastel is always pretty… try an ice blue or mint green, both of which look exceptional with a little tan.

Dark edges are majorly sexy.
Photo courtesy of Refinery29

Kristen Bell’s taupe nails are adorable. Try Essie “Sand of a Beach.”
Just make sure to shape nails and buff to a shine first; this color also works best on shorter nails.

All in the Details

There is nothing so lovely as a surprising little detail added to an outfit. Sometimes it’s a great pair of gold earrings or a sweet little clutch. Sometimes it’s a pop of color in the form of red lipstick or a bright pink belt.

This week it is a delightful neon orange rosette hairpin that Pookie and I discovered at J. Crew. Who knows how these little treasures managed to end up in the sale bin, but I was thrilled to discover it at the cool price of $5.99. Mine! All mine! Well, I got one for her, too. This will certainly be one of my most favored details this summer. What are yours?


Orange you glad you painted your nails?

I was watching the Today Show last week and was thrilled to see every blogger’s favorite blogger, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere, presenting her top five picks for summer. The loose denim shirt and paint-your-own costume brooches were fun and cute, but my favorite moment was the orange nail polish. And how much there is! And how exciting it is to think that there is a nail trend going on that you don’t have to be a millionaire or a beauty genius to work! I’m in.

Coral had its big moment last summer, but Schuman insists you can wear it in place of orange if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge. This product junkie is all about the orange crush angle though, and ready to explore the different varieties out there. If you check out her blog this week, you’ll see Lauren is sporting Essie’s “Fear or Desire,” an almost pearlescent creamsicle orange that will work on your skin tone, whether you think so or not.

Here are some of my other faves:


Neon EVERYTHING is in right now. Why not work the orange nail trend and the neon thing at once? This polish is an excellent choice for a beach vacation or for toes that peek out of cute little sandals. American Apparel neon orange polish, $6,

Bright just right. Dior Vernis keeps it classy in a bright coral-orange that will spark millions of compliments. $23,


Flashy and sassy but more pumpkin than tangerine, this opaque choice from Essie is ready for summer fun. $8,

Stop it Shoes

I love shoes. There is nothing original or surprising about this statement. I’m a women, I live in New York City, and I’ve been reading fashion magazines since before I was in a training bra. Of course I love shoes. And as much fun as it is to poke around the sale racks at Saks or pick up an impromptu pair of Seychelles on, sometimes shoe dreams can be as exciting if not more fulfilling than buying the pair you can actually afford.

Giuseppe Zanotti metallic leather curved-wedge T-strap sandals, $895,

“Stop it” shoes are a pair of shoes that make you stop and stare. They are expertly crafted little works of art that happen to be intended for wear, but would be just as useful housed in gallery-style glass cubes and stared at all day by twenty-something girls who can barely afford their monthly manicure, let alone a pair of Stop it Shoes.

Imagine stomping down the streets of your town in these bad-ass wedges. Talk about a fashion statement!

Today, it’s a metallic leather platform with inverted heel from Gieseppe Zanotti. Damn, those Italians know what they’re doing! Probably easier to walk in than the Lady Gaga-approved McQueens that peppered the sidewalks of lower Fifth a few seasons back, these shoes are sporty, elegant, and fantastical all at once. Perhaps also because the price of gold is so high right now, anything gold in color just seems that much more opulent and exciting. These artfully shaped platforms retail for well under $1,000 dollars, but from we’re I’m sitting, they’re priceless works of art.

OMG Cute Onesie Alert

Found this photo on the Facebook timeline of a friend and nearly died. Is this onesie not reason enough to want children? Joshy and I have friends who are expecting their first child next month. I swear I am almost as excited as they are to meet the baby and finally know if it’s a boy or a girl! I just can’t wait to SHOP.

Where are your cutie’s favorite duds from? 

New Obsession: Snapseed


My Joshy and Me, post Snapseed manipulation. Cute right?

I am a massive Instragram fan and have been known to while away the hours manipulating my favorite photos into Instagram sensations. Recently I noticed that a friend had uploaded some seriously awesome photos onto Facebook via Snapseed, so I decided to give the app a try.

I’m very much for the free apps, but I found I was more than willing to pay the $5 fee for this app. Beyond the little tricks that Instagram uses, Snapseed lets you sharpen, adjust, and otherwise update your photos in ways that are not just gimicky but professional looking. I tried my hand at the app this week and am already thrilled with the results. Even though I haven’t had a ton of time to play with my photos, I’m already excited to flex my Snapseed skills. If you’re a photo buff, I suggest scoping out this not free–but cheap– app. Let me know what you think!


I was very impressed by how professional I was able to make this one look. It was snapped with a cell phone in poor lighting!