Major Metallics

There’s nothing this girls loves like a little pop of metallics. Summer is still here, and we’ve got a few solid months remaining to sport those floral dresses, cut-offs, and bright neon nails. But before we commit to a fall-friendly wardrobe of black tights, great boots, and plenty of hardware-embellished handbags, let’s give an early nod to metallics that work at any time of year.

I like to think of mine as the new neutral. You don’t need to be wearing any particular outfit in order to make a gold-tone or silver-tone detail shine. As you know from previous posts, I’ve been living in these BCBG gold bow-detail sandals for much of the season. They add a bit of polish to a casual look and dress down more formal frocks, making them great for work, play and everything in between.

_6725384I’m also a massive fan of Tory Burch’s cardigans, and all of mine feature pretty gold buttons down the front. These are just slightly dressier than your average buttons and make your cardi more of a statement piece than a throw-on.


limited edition “Delight” polish by CHANEL. $27,

At my glamorous New York City bachelorette party last weekend, we got manicures at an upscale salon. Usually greeted by only OPI and Essie at my salon here in Dallas, I of course opted for Chanel as my polish selection. The gold hue I chose is something I would normally reach for in fall months, but I just absolutely loved the subtle shimmer of the color and knew it would look divine against a tan. Bonus? Gold polish looks great with literally everything in your wardrobe.

Also, don’t shy away from non-jewelry accessories of the metal variety. A shiny clutch brings any black dress to the next level, and Urban sells some fantastic “goddess” headdresses that are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Embrace metallics and remember that they do not have to “match” in order to work. Avoid heavy metal but drip yourself in silver, gold and copper tones for enviable style that will carry you right from this season into next.


mandalay flower goddess chain headwrap, $19,


When in Rome


The white lace dress I wore to my bridal shower is probably my current favorite. This is one that would work anywhere, I believe…

Have you ever been to a new city and felt like your clothing, while on-trend and perfectly suitable at home, made you stick out? I often find that no matter how extensive my research, I am in this predicament when I go somewhere new. Within the US, it always surprises me. I mean, we’re all reading the same magazines, right? But there are these fantastic cultural shifts from one city to the next, and from the city to the burbs, and so on, that fascinate me endlessly.

When we moved to Dallas, for example, I couldn’t believe how dressed everyone was. I was coming from Brooklyn where I donned lacy dresses sans bra, beat-up Ferragamo skimmers, and a distressed Commes de Garcon crossbody every time we hit the town in summer. We touched down in Dallas and went straight from the airport to a dinner at Del Frisco’s. In my black lace Betsey minidress and flat shoes, I felt dowdy as I looked out at a sea of bodycon mini’s and patent platforms.

I soon learned to marry my personal style to the locals, without losing my sense of self. I’m sure my sartorial choices still stick out a bit, but I’m fine with that. I do enjoy the occasional night on the town, though, in a short, tight dress that would be totally out of place on the pier in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.


This look from the ground up: Cole Haan beige suede Oxfords, Wolford cotton velvet tights, Catherine Malandrino pleated skirt, Marc Jacobs cotton blouse, Uniqlo black wool cardigan.
This look allover: American tourist!

The same thing happens when we travel. Josh and I headed off to Paris for a weekend this spring, and I was prepared for the ultimate in chic. What I was not prepared for, though, was the walking. Everywhere, walking. It was kind of chilly and I had no coat, so I purchased a white leather bomber on our first morning there. And my Cole Haan oxfords were my day wear, slightly loud for Paris, but cute nonetheless. At night, though?

For our big dinner out on the town, I wore a rainbow-hued, tie-dyed mini dress with sheer tiers of fabric cascading down each side. After much deliberation, I selected my peep-toe cork-bottomed platforms and we hit the avenue. Okay, here is the thing. It was Saturday night. In Paris, France. Picturing Carrie in all those couture ballgown-style skirts and Manolos from the final two episodes of Sex, I figured my colorful cocktail dress and heels were a great choice.


Everywhere we went, incredibly chic women were buttoned up in black, black, black. Sweaters, leather jackets, long-sleeved tees. Black leggings or mini skirts to match. And flats. Mine were a lonely pair of heels in a sea of fabulous flats. And as my poor feet burned with each long step we took (did I mention Paris is a walking city??), I cursed myself for trying to be chic and ending up looking like exactly what I was — an American in Paris who was trying to look chic.


My mom bought me this Free People slip dress to wear in Italy and I can’t wait! $88,

So, as we click about the internet lining up the spots we’ll visit on our incredible, two-week Italian honeymoon, I am torn. One part of me wants to hit the fashion blogs and the street style photos and curate the pieces of my own wardrobe into a suitcase packed with items that will have me looking like everyone else. And the rest of me says that’s crazy and I should bring the items that I love, that Josh loves, and that will make me feel like what I will truly be — an American in love on her honeymoon in Italy.

What could be better than that?

Maximize Your Options


Definitely not for the office, but is this gorgeous or what? Love the cut-out back of the top and incredible draping on the hem of the skirt. Photo from

In an effort to make the brutal Texas heat work for me this summer, especially while I’m working, I decided I needed to figure out the whole maxi thing. I’ve said it multiple times but I’ll mention once more: in general I find the maxi dress does not get the respect it deserves. Yours might be very cute from the front, but if you aren’t carefully selecting your undergarments and checking the ahem-rear view in the mirror before you leave the house, you might just be looking, well, less than fabulous from behind.

Paranoia aside, I decided it was time. My short dresses make me really happy but about a third of them are inappropriate to wear to the office, and once in the AC, I’m often cold. The maxi seems a great compromise, though not one to be over-utilized. I hereby vow to “max” it out at two per week.

I hit up the clearance section at Urban and scooped up three for 10 to 20 bucks apiece. I figured if I hated them, I could part with them at this price better than the $150 of the one I’d been lusting after at Bloomie’s. (Side note: Yes, this blogger has a serious addiction to Bloomingdales and she blames it on her mother. In Texas, a lack of the traditional department store matters not, because there is a Bloomie’s outlet about five miles from her home. This causes about 89.7% of the arguments she has with her fiance).


Hunzy loved this one because unlike a lot of maxis, it shows the bod.

I rocked Josh’s favorite of the three, a form-fitting gray number with white splatter-paint print, to brunch on Sunday. Sitting outside in the 97 degree heat and eating eggs in a maxi made me want to run into the middle of the street and strip it off while guzzling a gallon of ice-cold Diet Coke. That will not be happening again.


This tie dye number is extra loose and comfy; I wore it to our ballroom dance class on Sunday so Josh and I can get used to not stepping all over my dress on the big day!

And then Monday morning, I donned a soft chiffon style with a racerback and sweeping skirt to the office. I paired it with those gold bow sandals that seem to work their way into nearly every outfit these days. Not only was I comfy and cool on the walk from my car to the building, and vice versa, but in the frigid AC of the office, I did not need a cardigan. Bonus points go to the maxi for the fact that I did not have to shave my legs. But in case you were wondering, I not only laundered all of my nude thongs and strapless bras on Sunday night, I also inspected my rear-view in every mirror in our apartment before venturing out. A girl’s got to consider herself from every angle, after all.


Monday’s dress, Pins and Needles Breezy chiffon maxi from Urban, on sale from $69 for 19$… hurry, they are running out of sizes!

Best Bralette

For my readers with big boobs, I apologize. This post is not for you. Though I’m not really sorry because, hey, you have big boobs. Good for you!


No bra, as usual.

But this is the blog for the girls like myself with nothing much going on up top. I have been known to skip the bra entirely (who needs it?). They’re uncomfortable and in many cases unnecessary. If a particular dress or sweater looks best with some cleavage, I’ll throw on a push-up, but for the most part, I’m happy with my little boobs and fine to just let them be, well, little.

But what about the sheer or tight tops that show a little too much you-know-what? Pasties are a sticky mess and have no place in an office environment. If you’re wearing a shirt that suffers from turkey’s-done syndrome, you might consider my favorite little bralettes.


This top is a little itchy, so it requires my favorite bralette.
Seriously, though, can you believe how flat my chest is?

American Apparel makes a fantastic lace bralette that is super-comfortable, gives just enough coverage that you can barely feel, and doubles as a cute look for, you know, your significant other. I own this in seven colors and am seriously contemplating buying more.


floral lace bralette, available in 14 colors., $18 each.

Someday, after I have my babies, I probably won’t be able to get away with these barely-there bras. I might even buy myself a bigger pair that require actual underwire. But for now, I’m happy in my little lacies. And hey, my fiance is not complaining either. At least I have a booty!

Giddy for Gold


whole lotta gold! necklace & earrings from peter messina in huntington, new york. green and gold ring is a family heirloom. long gold chain belt from chanel worn as second necklace. this was a fun night of accessorizing!

Since I was a teen, I’ve preferred silver over gold. It’s not necessarily because one looks better on my skintone than the other; I believe it was mostly out of habit and trend. I adored putting on my grandmothers’ gold pieces that had been handed down, but if given the choice between the two colorways in my metal accessorizing, I’d go with silver over gold nine times out of ten.

Then something changed. I’m not sure if it was when the price of gold started to skyrocket a couple of years ago, or if it’s just a matter of growing up and reaching for classics. Either way, these days, I’m on board with the gold trend and my appetite can’t be sated. However, my engagement ring, and the band we’ll get to match, are platinum. For some reason, white metal remains a classic in bridal jewelry that I would not want to change.

So, if you’re going for gold and don’t have the fundage to invest in the real thing, here are some items I suggest you nab stat. From footwear to headgear and everywhere in between, gold is major right now, and it looks grand on everyone.


Sara Designs gold-tone chain wrap watch is a great choice for dressing up your office look or adding an extra touch to any cocktail dress. $330,


oh, yes you can! at on sale for only $6.99, this goddess headwrap is an absolute steal.


two pieces and countless stares… this adorable lurex bikini by Tooshie is a great shape to flatter many body types. $195,


the streets are lined in gold when you strut your stuff in these fab golden oxfords from sam edelman. normally $150, i found them at a super-low $99 from


a lovely gold cocktail dress solves that age-old question of what to wear in lieu of your lbd. this shoshanna number with painted rose motif and POCKETS is amazing. on sale from $340 for $102 at

Miami: My Naked Truth

white-ocean-miami-beach-fashion-shoot-10I expected Miami to be hot, loud and a place where my comfort level was not only ignored but obliterated. However, with a particularly lovely group of girls in tow and an especially wonderful bride-to-be at the helm, the trip was set up to be epic in the very best way. As I wrote this post in my Notes on the iPhone, I sat on a plane (aisle seat, thank god) with feet swelled up like loaves of bread and eyes that refused to open all the way. But the memories are worth it. And as I “detoxed” Sunday night on a diet coke and Evian with a side of fashion magazines, the morning’s bloody Mary’s a distant and delightful memory, I peacefully relived all my favorite moments from the weekend. Most importantly, the clothes. Or lack thereof.

The fashion in Miami was seriously fun to observe. I don’t always think that a sartorial scene needs to be chic in order to be fashionable. Women are more free in this beach city and what you throw on in the morning makes sense by the pool, in the street, and for many, at work. Sheer tops are the norm, butts are hanging out of cutoff shorts on line for the ATM at Walgreens. You get the idea. Everything in Miami, even the hair, just oozes sex appeal. For our big night out on Saturday, we had blowouts.  We each asked for something different and all ended up with the same look. Luxe, bouncy beach waves plucked fresh from the pages of Cosmo. No argument here, even though I’d specifically requested a bone-straight look. Those Miami beach waves were a better choice. Who am I to argue with a woman in a skin-tight turquoise maxi dress and winged black eyeliner?
nic-del-marAdmittedly, I awoke our first morning there to discover a drafted but unsent text to my fiancé stating, “Hunzy,  I want boobs.” However, I honestly believe that whatever your bod looks like in Miami, you totally fit in. Nudity was major on the beach and in the streets. From the super-skinny chick with butt implants we spotted in a white thong bikini (I’ve never seen butt implants in person! Crazy!) to the saggier, or curvier, or more natural, or less natural, everyone let it hang out from the brunch table to the dance floor.
Hey, that’s cool. I rocked a one-piece (albeit it a skimpy one), and at night, a flowing chiffon dress with my Frye platforms. Do I own sluttier outfits? Certamente! But they have no place on a trip where my fiancé is not present, so I was content to be the demure girl with the bouncy waves in a dress that forgave my expanding waist line after a dinner of fish, beef and coconut sticky rice with myriad wine and cocktails. (Hey, Fitness Pal. Happy Monday… I’ve missed you, too).
If I’d been in town longer, I would have loved to shop a bit, take a ride on a boat, and explore. But for a 40-hour trip, we packed in a lot. Including, might I add, an hour of (girls-only!) skinny dipping that had us momentarily in really deep sh*t with hotel security. Luckily, I talked us out of that one while strategically hiding my naked bod in the shadowy water. Hey, you can take the girl to Miami, but you can’t break her modesty in the space of a weekend.

Mastering the Art of Casual Chic


i’d hire these floral beauties. would you?

An article in this month’s fabulous Marie Claire @ Work (their glam new professionista insert which is a welcome freebie to this recently transplanted, former work-from-homer with a new corporate job) struck my fancy. The Problem with Casual Fridays carefully unfolds the pro’s and con’s of the concept, something that is rampant in offices from coast to coast, whether officially or by chance.


if you have glasses, WEAR them at work. it can’t hurt!

It seems we spend much of the day on Friday day dreaming about tonight’s margaritas and tomorrow’s mimosas, longing to feel the sunshine that’s just beyond our grasp, outside the professional grade window. Along with a chill internal vibe, many of us lean toward more relaxed outfit planning for Fridays. And while this can go very well (dark denim, trend-right top, comfortable wedges), it can also go very poorly (ripped jeans, revealing top, scary flats).

The article asserts that while “casual” dressing may be encouraged on some (or in my case, all) days, there is a line and it’s important not to cross it. Also, dressing in a sharp manner at all times will still make you likelier to get that big promotion, or at least prove to your boss and the higher-ups within your company that you mean business. This is not to say you can’t have fun with fashion. But it’s all about balance.

So, how do we toe the line? And, um, what happens if you, like your friend here, work in an office that has a casual dress code all of the time? Gone are the days where my aching feet wept silent tears as I forced them into three-inch, pointed toe stilettos and began my trek by foot and subway from 103rd street to the Lower East Side. And here to stay are the days when I look in the mirror, knowing my proposed outfit of stirrup leggings, embroidered tunic and Ferragamo flats would be perfectly acceptable… but I just can’t wear it. I just can’t. Be. Sloppy. At. Work.

Thank you, Marie Claire @ Work for giving us some rules– flats are mostly not okay, but instead consider a kitten heel. Jeans can be done in dark, fitted *but not tight* varieties, but heels are really a must then. Bold colors are best on Fridays. Ditto whacky patterns. And spaghetti straps? No. Just, no.

I would hereby like to lengthen the list for those of us who work in perpetually casual environments. You can be comfortable, trendy and cute all at once. And the bottom line? When in doubt, wear a dress.

A maxi and a cardi
This combination will have you feeling pajama-comfy but will allow you to walk into any meeting feeling confident. If you’re going for a jersey knit, keep the pattern simple and chic. I really like silkier fabrics in a maxi, as they dress it up a little while keeping that same comfortable factor. Pair with a fitted cardigan or cropped blazer and work-appropriate slip-ons. A statement necklace or armful of gold bangles won’t hurt here.


this maxi remains polished despite its sweeping length. a white cardigan and these exact shoes make it office-perfect. Cynthia Steffe,, $278

A color-blocked Oxford shirt and happy jeans
For the truly casual office, you can have a ton of fun with color while sticking to traditional cuts and styles. A two-tone Oxford shirt is professional yet cool, and these peach skinny jeans add humor. In lieu of her rope bracelets, though, I’d go with a gold-tone watch. And on the feet? Brogues or kitten heels, for sure. No flats with these pants!


BDG printed button-down,, on sale for $29

Short dress and low heels (or vaguely masculine shoes)
Yes, as temperatures climb, so do hemlines. It’s okay to wear a shorter dress (be classy, here, ladies) at the office. The key is making sure you still look professional. A short dress that you would wear to the beach is likely not a great option for the office. (Except in a case like this, which I wrote about last week). But if you stick to classic prints like nautical stripes, shirt dresses, polka dots, or understated florals, you’ll be in great shape. Lace can work too, as long as it is paired with the right accessories. I like to add a chunky belt, dramatic earrings, etc. Hairbows are wrong with flirty dresses. It’s too little girlish, and not womanly enough for an office environment.


this works because her gladiator-style low boots are subtle and funky. i would definitely throw a blazer over this though. and for happy hour, the back of the dress has a pretty openwork design you’ll love., $88

Peplum top and cropped jeans with platforms
Okay, so to go ahead and break MC’s denim rule, I think a slightly faded jean can work. But the pairings have to be impeccable. In this case, she is wearing a sharp, white peplum top with a necklace-inspired yoke, and sky-high heels. Her cuffed jeans work, despite their lighter wash. Make sure if you go this root that your heels are incredibly high (but that you can walk in them) and that your accessories are chic and contemporary. And, ladies, definitely save this one for Friday.


rag + bone jeans, $242; giuseppe zanotti platform wedges, $850; DKNY top, $89; all,

What a Difference a City Makes

I was in New York for family reasons over the weekend. While in town, I did have the distinct pleasure of meeting my dear friend’s two-week-old son on the Upper West Side. I also enjoyed the exquisite Japanese tasting menu at a hot new restaurant in Williamsburg and made it to one of my bridesmaid’s bridal showers in the West Village. I found an hour to visit my doctor in Midtown East; also very necessary. It was quite a hectic, yet important, trip.


My return home was delayed due to a security scare and subsequent evacuation at La Guardia airport this morning. The good news: no one was hurt, and I managed to find a cab in the scramble and get the hell out. The other good news: I have one extra night on my little brother’s couch in Williamsburg, and had one extra afternoon to wander the streets of Brooklyn soaking it all in.

Last night, we saw a friend whose first words to me were, “Where’s your big hair?” Since stepping off the plane Saturday morning, I’ve been wearing it bone-straight like I always did here. I whipped out my cell and showed her some shots of the voluminous, curly style I’ve been sporting in Dallas. She approved, natch.

-1Dallas is an incredibly chic city. So is New York. But the differences, large and minute, are everywhere. Things are more pared-down here, more subtle. But then a black trench that you think is just a black trench is actually a vintage Burberry find worth upwards of $3,000. I’ve been living in Texas for about seven months now, and my eyes are newly opened each day to the over-the-top beauty of the Southern girl’s guide to style.

A woman in the Uptown Dallas highrise where we live stepped off the elevator the other afternoon wearing the pale pink studded Valentino stilettos I’ve been eying for months. Being the loud-mouthed Lawn Gisland Jew that I am, I couldn’t help but gush. “OMG, I love your shoes.” Maybe a New York girl wouldn’t have been so inclined to gush back at me, “Get them! I could run a mile in these,” and then turn to Josh and confirm, “Really. I could.” OK, girl. Let me just dig around in my purse for the 800 bills. He’ll totally approve, now that he knows you could run in them. It was really quite sweet.


these are SO dallas, and i love them SO much.

But then you’ll find yourself in Manhattan on a Monday afternoon and a woman in a black leather bomber jacket and the brightest of poppy-hued lipstick is hailing a cab. You won’t tell her how chic she looks because, even though she wants you to notice, she doesn’t want you to tell her. But you’ll smile at her and she’ll smile back in an unspoken exchange of, “Work it, girl.”


polished NYC street style at its best.

Just over the Brooklyn Bridge you’ll find a punkier, messier, just as sexy appeal. Street style runs the gamut from H&M to Alexander Wang, from Max Mara Weekend to J. Crew, Helmut Lang and more. There’s a glorious high-low mix that I appreciate and adore in Brooklyn, and now that I’ve submerged myself for a few days, I’ll be sure to bring it back to Dallas with me when I return. You can only be from one place, but you can sprinkle the style that you soak in everywhere you go to help create your own unique look. And no matter where you are making a glam new life for yourself, it’s always important to remember — there’s no place like home.


LOVE it.

(Momentary) Man Repeller


do you LOVE it??

I was a total man repeller on Tuesday. No, don’t give me too much credit. This is not my term. The brilliant concept started here and is now a phenomenon. In short, it’s a style of dressing and makeup-ing oneself in a method that follows important trends, fashion-forward thinking, avant-garde practices, and other aesthetics that men find inherently unsexy. But we ladies know it’s fabulous. And our gays generally back us up.

Case in point: last Friday I found myself with a fresh paycheck in my account and twenty minutes to spare before meeting Josh at Whole Foods for a riveting hour of low-calorie, gluten-free, certified-organic shopping. Snawn. (That is my term. It’s a snore-yawn.)

Luckily for this housewife-in-training, there is a Bloomingdales outlet adjacent to our favorite Whole Foods. So, on a lie related to the wedding “I’m browsing for shoe inspiration!,” I wandered in and directly over to the clearance aisle.

Now, I will preface this next bit by admitting that I am not on the maxi train. I know y’all have been aboard for the past several seasons, and I will wave to you gladly as you roll on by in all your floor-sweeping glory. But they generally are just not for me. I’ve purchased three, and of those three I’ve returned one and given another away. The third hangs anxiously in my closet awaiting its big moment. This moment will likely never come.

But I did see a compelling item in the maxi vein on that fated clearance rack last Friday. It was a long (ankle-sweeping), black chiffon skirt with a red all-over splatter pattern and cinched grosgrain waist. It was also in the desirable size I’ve been hoping to find my way back to for the past several months. Two full sizes below the items that didn’t button at Christmas, I might add.

Off I scurried to the dressing room. It fit! And, um, it kind of looked fabulous. It had pockets! And two subtle pleats on each side. Oooh, I crooned internally. This is chic. But Josh will hate it.

Price check? Original $235 tag intact. Scans in at? 43 bucks, baby. SOLD, to the maxi-hating man repeller in the front row.

Tuesday was a blissful weather day, hovering in the high 70s without a drop of humidity. I shaved the bottom four inches of my legs (hey, why exert yourself when it isn’t necessary?) and donned my fabulous skirt with a cropped Sonia Rykiel long-sleeved wrap tee and my black velvet Tory Burch smoking mocs. Damn, did I look good.

I awoke Josh for my morning once-over. (Please note: there are no women except for me living in this house, and the animals are unreliable. He’s all I’ve got!)

With one eye open, the always-kind Josh whose outfit responses always range from “chic” to “sexy” to at least “you look great,” made a face.

“You look like a nun.”

My response? A shrug, a smile, and a quick photo text to my brother. Who approved with high marks. So, maybe I repelled the most important man on Tuesday, but damn did I feel fly stepping out of my own comfort zone and into something new. Josh knows I’ll always come back to my booty-loving skinnies and those mini skirts he so adores.

The moral? Dig through that clearance rack, girls. And don’t be afraid to break your man’s rules from time to time… at least, when it comes to fashion.

Oh and also? I still kind of hate maxis. But if your newly skinny ankles are showing and you just feel fabulous, I suggest you go for it whether the trend is “you” or not.


another gem from ADAM, the brand of my major steal skirt.

Legging Lovers Anonymous


About a year and a half ago, I was temping at a not-so-hot fashion company in New York City, where the theme of the clothes is overpriced hooker wear and the office wardrobe for all was head-to-toe black. I worked the front reception desk during fashion week while emaciated, nasal-toned Jersey Girls who typically did nothing more than that shot nasty glances on their way out the door en route to appointments and shows. They felt extraordinarily superior. Whatever.

I was a confident 26-year-old who had chosen to leave my high-stress PR job in order to free up time for writing, ruminating and just living. It was my choice to temp around NYC at various fashion brands while I looked for something permanent that I loved. But when bitchy fashion girls take it up a notch from scoffing to actually talking sh*t, it can hurt.

When I heard two of them in the bathroom one day talking about my outfit, I nearly died! I was wearing a long-sleeved silk tunic from Joie with black leggings and a pair of Cole Haan black booties. I actually kind of felt cute that morning.

“I can’t believe she’s wearing leggings to work. Ew!”

“Yeah, leggings are so totally over.”

We had to wear head-to-toe black every single. I have plenty of black, but you try it without whipping out a pair of leggings from time! I was sad. I did not wear leggings again to that job, and these days I tend to only wear them on the weekends.


This is the fun material of the top I’m wearing today. Those metallic threads are sewn right into the fabric!

Recently, I’ve lost about ten pounds. This morning, feeling narrower than I have in a while, I decided to sport an oversized glittery French Connection top to work. My black pants are at the dry cleaner, and jeans just didn’t seem to work. I slipped on some leggings, thinking, “I’ll throw a black mini over these.” But you know what? With the addition of shiny gray flats and some chunky jewelry, I actually loved the look.


… and these are today’s leggings, which Urban still carries. So I know I’m not alone! BDG high waisted leggings,

Those bitchy fashion girls can laugh all they want, but on this particularly gray day in the great state of Texas, I’m miles away from their nasty stares. And hey, I bet I look a lot cuter in my leggings than they do in their overpriced hooker dresses. Fin.