Dots of the Season


Everyone loves a good polka dot, right? It’s just one of those timeless things that continues to work as we shift from season to season, year to year. On headbands and shorts, mini-dresses and jeans, high heels and bikinis… and beyond. Whether you go for a classic black-and-white or a more unexpected play of colors, a dot makes you feel so good.


this 1920’s cocktail dress is fabulously dotted

As a child I started out the spring season with a good dress from each of my grandmothers. My Nana (Dad’s mom) usually designed and sewed these dresses herself or purchased them at Lord & Taylor. My Gaga (Mom’s mom) was no seamstress, but she did have a Saks problem, from which I benefitted quite a bit. These days, I’ve started that tradition with a few special little girls in our lives, one of whom is Josh’s cousin’s daughter, 1 1/2-year-old Harper.

This year, Harper’s spring dress was a divine dotted number from Jason Wu for the Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration. A rich, taupe silken fabric with cheerful white polka dots and a big bow at the back, I was in love with this dress instantly and decided that Harper needed it. I’ve been informed that little Harper already loves dots, and likes to point out each one when she is wearing them: “dot. dot. dot…” My point (at which I am taking entirely too long to arrive) is that dots work on every woman and girl, of every age, for any reason at all.


is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

If you want to freshen things up for spring, consider a polka dot. I have some extremely cute black-and-white polka dot shorts I got last summer on clearance at Target. And on the other hand, my very first pair of important shoes (that thankfully still fit even though I got them fourteen years ago in my freshman year of high school!) are pale pink Moschino pumps with tiny, navy polka dots all over. Go high-low here, girls. When it’s a dot, it will (almost) always work.

nina ricci side ruched cocktail dress, $3,290, neiman marcus.


blue and white polka dotted sundress, on sale for $29, urban outfitters


Dots and Hard Hats and Chains, Oh My!

Hanging out on Pinterest yesterday, I stumbled across this awesome image of a hard-hatted nail among chic polka-dotted friends. Wow! Sometimes you think you’ve seen all the nail innovations they could possibly invent, but then you see something like this and realize that the world of manicures is ever-evolving. Happy girl front and center!


I haven’t yet found this cool device for purchase, but the moment I do, it’s mine! In the meantime, did you know that polka dotted nails are actually super-easy? I’ve done them myself multiple times and received scores of compliments. One favorite is to paint your nails with two coats of a matte polish, let it dry, and then dab glossy top coat sporadically to create a textured polka-dot look.430781_514433158597400_800136305_n

If you want to get really fancy, you can invest in a nail art pen. Many are around $10 at drug stores. These allow you to be very precise with your dots. I’d start with white (which looks great against pastels, neons, and dark tones) and then branch out once you’ve proven to yourself that you’ll actually use the thing. Feeling more adventurous? Try pale pink with blue dots or bold green with orange dots. The options are limitless. Have fun!


I mean, why not?