Booties for All

I’ve always been anti-ankle boot. Throughout my teens and early 20’s I found the style tended to truncate the leg, making women look shorter and thicker– who wants that? But it’s always been one of those things I wanted to like, so I’m thrilled that with this year’s moto boot, it’s happening. Bonus: these short boots inherently use less leather than high styles, so they often cost much less than standard boots of the same brand.


Hers are from Giorgio Armani. Photo from

In desperate need of black boots, I hightailed it to Bloomie’s on Monday and was sad to discover that the only pair of high boots I liked were over a thousand dollars. Oops. However, tons of shorter styles were everywhere, so I decided to try them.

In my quest, I discovered that I personally do not like anything with too much hardware, or a label. That ruled out Tory Burch, Marc by Marc, and a few others. But I did find a pair from Kelsi Dagger for a reasonable $200 that I loved. When I slipped them on, I noticed the looser style actually made my legs look thinner–not quite swimming in there but plenty of room and easy to tuck jeans into. With leggings? Perfection.

Sadly, my favorite pair were too large and there were none left a size down, but I promptly found a similar style on the website and had them overnighted. Can’t wait to try them on! Here are some styles you might want to try:


Suede with fringe brings a fun, cowgirl-esque appeal. Sam Edelman “Louie” booties, $160,


Rough-and-ready with buckles and a solid construction. Frye “Valerie” sheepskin moto boots with shearling lining, $428,


A hidden wedge adds subtle height. Nine West “Metalina” booties, $109,


Stop it Shoes

I love shoes. There is nothing original or surprising about this statement. I’m a women, I live in New York City, and I’ve been reading fashion magazines since before I was in a training bra. Of course I love shoes. And as much fun as it is to poke around the sale racks at Saks or pick up an impromptu pair of Seychelles on, sometimes shoe dreams can be as exciting if not more fulfilling than buying the pair you can actually afford.

Giuseppe Zanotti metallic leather curved-wedge T-strap sandals, $895,

“Stop it” shoes are a pair of shoes that make you stop and stare. They are expertly crafted little works of art that happen to be intended for wear, but would be just as useful housed in gallery-style glass cubes and stared at all day by twenty-something girls who can barely afford their monthly manicure, let alone a pair of Stop it Shoes.

Imagine stomping down the streets of your town in these bad-ass wedges. Talk about a fashion statement!

Today, it’s a metallic leather platform with inverted heel from Gieseppe Zanotti. Damn, those Italians know what they’re doing! Probably easier to walk in than the Lady Gaga-approved McQueens that peppered the sidewalks of lower Fifth a few seasons back, these shoes are sporty, elegant, and fantastical all at once. Perhaps also because the price of gold is so high right now, anything gold in color just seems that much more opulent and exciting. These artfully shaped platforms retail for well under $1,000 dollars, but from we’re I’m sitting, they’re priceless works of art.

Feeling Restless

Winter has been mild, but no winter is warm enough for me to dress the way I want. The first few weeks of sweaters and jeans, sexy little boots, and velvet dresses are always great. And then the cold, hard reality sets in and I remember that I am months away from my favorites. So, today’s blog is about my spring wish list. And, no, I won’t apologize for complaining about a winter that honestly hasn’t been that bad. It’s still winter. Wah.

Neon jeans:

Sexy, happy, pretty. Just like a NYC girl! Cotton candy-pink peg-legged ankle jeans from BDG for Urban Outfitters, $68. Yes, please!

Lace top:

One can never have too many lace tops. This spring, I want to switch up my mostly floral patterned lace for some cool circular styles like this girl's.

Ridiculous unitard:

One question: Who says I can't? I'm in love with this crazy thing for $54,

Sequined pencil skirt:

Why ever not? Sequins make everything better, especially pencil skirts. $695,

Pretty little dress:

Someday I will be able to buy whatever I want. PREEN Sunshine beaded dress, $2,175,

Killer shoe:

These all-cork platform sandals from Stuart Weitzman make me really happy. And if I don't pay my cell phone bill for two months I might just be able to buy them! $365,

Fresh Soles

The unseasonably warm winter weather we’ve been experiencing has this NYC girl’s mind drifting toward spring in a serious way. I caved and bought that ASOS dress that I featured on here a couple weeks ago. It fits perfectly, and the cut-out sides are beyond sexy. I can’t wait to wear it! Now, time for some shoe dreams.

To wear with a bright floral or striped spring dress:

Thought cork was over? Think again. Christian Louboutin Glazed Cork Platform Pumps, $1,075,

To wear with pastels:

A shimmering snakeskin in pinkish gold draws the eye to your shoes without overpowering the dress. Miu Miu sandals, $990,

To wear on a date in Central Park:

Sweet ballerina flats from French Sole, approx $130, for stockists.

To catch his eye (and melt your heart):

Sorbet dreams from dear, sweet Prada. $720,

Mi Want Miu Miu

This glitter girl loves nothing more than a sparkly shoe. Well, anything sparkly will do it for me, but the power of the shoe is something undeniable. Nothing says fashion like a bad ass pair of shoes, and no matter what else you’re wearing, if your shoes are sexy, you are too. I’ve had my eye on the latest Miu Miu’s for a while now, and had to share with you the utter glitz, glam and glitter of this insanely hot collection. Now, as for saving enough green to buy the gold? That might be tougher than taking a few minutes to ruminate on how much I love these damn shoes.

PS. If you lucky little devils have the change, you can head to the official Miu Miu site to e-purchase.

There's no place like home... Perfection in pink. $650

Glitter pump with banana heel. $630

Pony skin and glitter slingback pump. $675

Peep Toe glitter Mary Jane with bows, a chunky platform heel, and ankle strap. $670

Rain, Rain… Well, you know the rest

The only good thing about today’s muck and misery is that I finally got to break out those Cole Haan’s I’d been yearning to wear. But after a beautiful weekend in Florida, it was less than wonderful to step out into a cold, dark downpour this morning. Yes, New Yorkers, we can officially call this a squall. Let’s hope things change soon, because I would really like clear skies for Fashion Week… and of course, my twenty-don’t-worry-what birthday, which is on Sunday.

A few tips for making it through the rain!

1. Always, always, always keep a tiny, good quality umbrella in your bag, no matter the season or forecast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the apartment on a seemingly perfect day, only to find myself in line at Duane Reade thirty minutes later buying yet another fifteen-dollar umbrella that would break only one rainstorm later. I nabbed by totes version at TJ Maxx for a cool $15 earlier this summer, and its pale colors and sturdy construction never disappoint.

2. Don’t try to be that cute girl who rocks opened-toe shoes in a storm, warm or not. Sure, you might want to hang onto summer past its time, but soggy sandals are just not a good look. And not to go there, but let’s just go there. They’re stinky. Boot up, sister!

3. Chill with the hair. No matter what you’re trying for, you just won’t achieve it in nightmare weather like this. I like to stick to a low, side chignon with pieces coming out, or top off my manic waves with a headband to fake some order. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget plenty of waterproof mascara. When the rest of you is melting, at least your peepers will still pop.

Michelle William's loose, wavy style is a perfect example. A little spritz and you're good to go, even with some rain-induced frizz factor.

New Obsession: Cole Haan Fall Shoes

I will preface this one by telling you that I am not an ankle boot person. I find them wimpy, clunky, and frankly unflattering in most cases. Season after season, I’ve watched my friends and favorite fashion icons parade around in booties and thought,“Tsk, tsk.You think you look good, but you would look better in something else!”, $328

Well, if anyone can prove a shoe girl wrong, it’s Cole Haan. This season, the brand puts forth stylish heels that ever-so-casually cling to the very fringe of booty-dom. I am obsessed. I nabbed these black ones the second day they entered stores and am literally counting down the minutes until I can finally incorporate them in an outfit. (Fall, I’m not quite ready for you, but with these shoes, I just might get there). In addition to black leather, they also come in “maple sugar suede,” a lovely brown leather, and a punchy blue suede. Talk about your blue suede shoes! But then…, $328

Today, I was cruising the Teen Vogue blogs and came across these delightful eye-poppers from the brand. Directly on-trend with the laceless holes, Oxford aesthetic, and chunky heel, I love how the Cole Haan version pushes the envelope with these bold color choices. While they may not make for the same great long-term investment as my black ones, these are a conversation-starting pair that will brighten up your darkest fall day, and they’re comfortable to boot!

White Out

Misty New York weather means dreary attitudes, no? Manhattanites are so big on black and gray that when the sun is in hiding, these tend to be the first colors we turn to. I try to make an effort to turn the other color cheek, opting for bright pops of colors on days like this. However, to break my personal mold, today I have paired white skinnies with a long, sheer-at-the-bottom white top and my new gray-and-white Toms.

Why not stick out in a pale-on-pale combo? Here are some more white out options that are truly sublime for summertime.

This pretty young thing rocks a sweet lace dress and 80's-esque white power pumps to perfection. Love how she keeps it edgy with bright pink dipped hair and lips!

Feeling less ladylike and more punky? The great thing about all-white is, anything goes! Why not try a vintagey oversized silk blouse and little spandex shorts? Bonus: this pairing miraculously (and surprisingly!) hides a tummy and makes your legs look thinner. A win-win for whites!

This photo and the above borrowed from

New obsession: Need Supply Co.

"Un Peu De Femme" one current lookbook theme at Need Supply Co

The little bro and I have a push-pull teasing scheme set up around our respective shopping issues. He’s been known to breeze into Barneys after a bad (or good!) day, and clean up with a few hundred tossed carelessly onto his store charge. Recently, after a particularly disapproving comment from yours truly, he retorted that I do just as much unnecessary damage, I just tend to stick to the comfort of my computer. Talk about an “A-ha!” moment; the kid was right. I’m a bona fide online shopping junkie and my click control hovers dangerously on the edge. Trolling the internet in search of designer goods for less, or big sales at Urban or American where I don’t need to feel guilty in the slightest is a treasured pastime of mine. What’s a dot-com shopaholic to do? Only go clicking on a set schedule: the first Monday of the month, for example. Shop brands you’re familiar with–at least vaguely. Size up if the damn reviews tell you to. And most importantly, find a site you can actually (for the most part!) afford. My new obsession:

The super-cool site pulls from a smattering of designers at the low end of the price spectrum, offering awesome duds that won’t break the bank. Everything is crafted with exceptional, expensive-looking details and it’s all directly on trend. No matter what current favorites are on your must-buy list, I guarantee you will find it here for less than you were planning to spend. The best part about the site is its offbeat, vintage-inspired blog that serves as an endless source of fashion-world info, bits and bobs of interest, and beautiful photos. Here are some of my top picks from Need Supply Co.’s current collections. What are yours?

My Pet Square "Cry Baby" dress in pale pink silk, ON SALE for $122

Aztec scarf, $20

"Dahlia" red suede pump by Dolce Vita, $115

Long Sleeve Sheer Button shirt, $44.

Crew neck cotton dress with longer hem in back by LNA, $140.

Spring into fashion!

The sun was out for a few precious hours yesterday, but Jensy was buttoned up in corporate attire for an event walk-through. That said, it was a lovely day filled with the promise of lovelier days ahead. A friend requested that we talk through some of the upcoming spring trends on Sparkle & Fun, and I think it’s definitely time. Here are some staples we all need to purchase:

A super-pretty top; $98
Nothing spells spring like that fabulous, new lace or silk top you can pair with skinny jeans, a floaty skirt, a leather pant, or a legging. No matter what the moment or the mood, you’ll adore throwing on your sweet little top and letting it complete the outfit. I really like this basic white tee with a twist from Free People. It comes in black too for all you New Yorkers who can’t lose the black but want to lose some of the edge this season.
A perfect bomber
A leather bomber is one of those items every girl needs to own. I bought mine at Zara in Mexico a few years ago and despite being a little roughed up, it still looks great. I put it back in the rotation a few weeks ago when the bite left the air and I’ll keep rocking it until we reach 80 degree weather. Bonus: you can bring your bomber back in September and wear it again until snowfall. This one from Zara’s current collection boasts really cute quilting detail. Love it!; $79
A short denim short; $54.95
What’s better than that first day you break out your beloved denim cutoffs? A classic pair of Levi’s that you doctor up at home with a scissor is a totally cute option, but if you want something slightly less grunge, check out these from the Gap. The side zipper gives a little something extra, and the wash is just faded enough. I bought them yesterday and am counting down the days till I can throw them on with anything and feel utterly all-American and cute.
A Modern Oxford; $425
A lace-up shoe with an classic edge works on everyone. Soften them up and they’re adorable with a little sock and a sundress, sock-less with jeans, and so on. I adore these ultra-fem cutouts from Rag & Bone. The color is just neutral enough, with the faintest hint of pink.
A girly-chic dress
Spring is the perfect time for florals, and you have every excuse to go over-the-top girly. Be careful though. Word on the street is that boys really don’t like anything too flowy, so if you’re looking for a sweet little dress with some swing, aim for a corset-style top that is fitted and sexy, giving way to a looser, dance-around-the-room skirt. Stear clear of empire waists, because no matter how tiny you are, they won’t flatter. Guess is mecca for sexier-than-thou frocks and when they throw in a gingham or floral print it just gets that much better. This one is fun and flirty, but still feels like an easy piece that can be tossed over your head and paired with a heel without much planning as you head out the door.
Happy shopping, little pretties!