Jello, Summer Weather

It’s been a lovely week, and though there are showers in the forecast, this New Yorker is thrilled to have officially made it through the bulk of Spring Showers and into a happier place. Just a brief highlight today on one item that you must purchase. And I’d like to thank my Mini, Monique, who not only brought them to my attention but also gave me free reign to purchase them, even after she already had. What a nice friend.

The word “jelly” probably conjures up some icky images in your mind. There’s the sweet stuff spread on bread that we probably shouldn’t be eating, the cellulite/sagging flesh connotation (yikes!), and worst of all, the shoes. Remember 1996? I sadly do. I wore my Gap Kids jellies like a mad woman, even when their “clear” color began to yellow. Even when they made my poor, pre-adolescent feet smell like Hell on Earth. Even when my mother went into my room and physically tried to hide them so that I’d forget to wear them. I clung desperately to my jellies until the first day of seventh grade when, thanks to a couple of snickering girls, I realized that they were no longer cool. At ALL.

Ladies, I promise not to scare you… but the jelly might just be back. And at a mere $150, this is one Gucci shoe (or two, really) that you can actually afford to luxuriously enjoy. I suggest you log on to TODAY and pre-order yours (since most colors and sizes are going fast). Mini and I both have the lavendar. And you are olive with envy…

Gucci,; $150

Spring into fashion!

The sun was out for a few precious hours yesterday, but Jensy was buttoned up in corporate attire for an event walk-through. That said, it was a lovely day filled with the promise of lovelier days ahead. A friend requested that we talk through some of the upcoming spring trends on Sparkle & Fun, and I think it’s definitely time. Here are some staples we all need to purchase:

A super-pretty top; $98
Nothing spells spring like that fabulous, new lace or silk top you can pair with skinny jeans, a floaty skirt, a leather pant, or a legging. No matter what the moment or the mood, you’ll adore throwing on your sweet little top and letting it complete the outfit. I really like this basic white tee with a twist from Free People. It comes in black too for all you New Yorkers who can’t lose the black but want to lose some of the edge this season.
A perfect bomber
A leather bomber is one of those items every girl needs to own. I bought mine at Zara in Mexico a few years ago and despite being a little roughed up, it still looks great. I put it back in the rotation a few weeks ago when the bite left the air and I’ll keep rocking it until we reach 80 degree weather. Bonus: you can bring your bomber back in September and wear it again until snowfall. This one from Zara’s current collection boasts really cute quilting detail. Love it!; $79
A short denim short; $54.95
What’s better than that first day you break out your beloved denim cutoffs? A classic pair of Levi’s that you doctor up at home with a scissor is a totally cute option, but if you want something slightly less grunge, check out these from the Gap. The side zipper gives a little something extra, and the wash is just faded enough. I bought them yesterday and am counting down the days till I can throw them on with anything and feel utterly all-American and cute.
A Modern Oxford; $425
A lace-up shoe with an classic edge works on everyone. Soften them up and they’re adorable with a little sock and a sundress, sock-less with jeans, and so on. I adore these ultra-fem cutouts from Rag & Bone. The color is just neutral enough, with the faintest hint of pink.
A girly-chic dress
Spring is the perfect time for florals, and you have every excuse to go over-the-top girly. Be careful though. Word on the street is that boys really don’t like anything too flowy, so if you’re looking for a sweet little dress with some swing, aim for a corset-style top that is fitted and sexy, giving way to a looser, dance-around-the-room skirt. Stear clear of empire waists, because no matter how tiny you are, they won’t flatter. Guess is mecca for sexier-than-thou frocks and when they throw in a gingham or floral print it just gets that much better. This one is fun and flirty, but still feels like an easy piece that can be tossed over your head and paired with a heel without much planning as you head out the door.
Happy shopping, little pretties!

What a difference a decal makes

Devoted Sparkles & Fun readers, I apologize my absence over the course of the past week. Two very wonderful opportunities have arisen for me to write in other platforms and due to those and my day job, it’s been tough to carve out the time for my own blog. No excuse! This is just a quickie to say I am a very tired girl indeed, and off to bed quite soon. But surprisingly, the most tiring part of my day came this morning, when I was tasked with correcting my most recent beauty adventure.

Everyone has been raving about these new at-home nail decals. As you know by now, I am a nail addict and am always up to try the latest and (not so) greatest. Last week I snagged a pack of Sally Hansen’s bright pink, sparkling (!) Nail Effects decals and skipped home with them, ready to give it a go. The application was surprisingly easy and mess-free, and I was able to drift right off to Dreamland within minutes of buffing my last one, sans impressions left from sheets on drying nails. They lasted about ten days and could have probably gone on longer if I hadn’t gotten really sick of my Pepto-Mirrorball-80s-inspired diva nails by the time I woke up this morning.

They look so pretty all lined up, don’t they? $10. Drug stores.

The problem, though, is the removal process. It took five full minutes using traditional polish remover to take off the decal on my thumb. With precious few cotton balls and even fewer minutes left, I had no choice but to resort to full-on pure acetone soakage for the remaining fingers. Most of you do not even own this product and I only do because of my recent obsession with the gel manicure (whose removal is a nightmare of its own tiring, skin-parching variety).

After I finally rid myself of the ticky-tacky decals, my nails were dry and lifeless, even a little thin. I hesitated to put any polish on them and instead opted for a simple buff-and-run. As much fun as it’s been playing with the newest nail toys these past few months, I think Jensy is going back into the wonderful world of plain old polish. At least until I remember to finally schedule that Minx appointment…

The Great Extension Debate

Yesterday my colleagues and I were strolling towards the subway at the end of a long day and the topic of hair came up, as it’s wont to do among three image-obsessed twenty-somethings. One of us was moaning about her hair–curly but thin–while the other two tried hopelessly to convince her that she’s adorable the way she is. Try as we might, we could not dissuade her from her determination to seek out hair extensions. The problem with girls is, once we have a new beauty solution in mind, it’s tough to kill the lingering hope that it might be the one answer we need. In other words, it was impossible to dissuade our young comerade, but even as we tried, I wondered why we should be. Friends, some thoughts from either side of the fence:


Beautiful long hair always rocks the runways

Hair extensions will make you feel prettier. Nothing gives a girl confidence like long, bouncy hair. And nothing makes a boy swoon like it either.

Extensions can be pricey, damage your hair, and become a nightmare to keep up. Then there’s the fact that you have fake hair on your head.

This is downright creepy, no?

We convinced our little cutie that while she might covet long and luscious locks, there is no sense in spending the time and money, or causing the damage necessary for traditional extensions. However, here is a super-cute alternative that can be inserted for a night–or a weekend. First-date ready, without the regret!

Clip-on extensions are cheap, quick, and cute!