Expert Makeup Tips: A Glamour Editor Weighs In


Gorgeous, glowing skin is such a coveted commodity… but it’s not easy for everyone. Many of us watch television commercials with eyes glazed over, wondering if we are supposed to be buying each product that’s pushed for women our age.

Here to help you decode the mystery is author and Glamour Magazine Editor Andrea Pomerantz Lustig. She has shared her advice on shows including The Today Show, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight and E! News. In her book “How To Look Expensive” Andrea shares some of celebs most secret beauty weapons of choice. (Buy it here).

She asserts that you can have celebrity-quality skin on a budget. Tell me more!


Andrea suggests using a cleanser twice daily– once in the morning and again before going to bed. She likes products “without the drying surfactant (soap) ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate that do not strip your skin and make even oily skin feel dry.” Try Le Couvent Des Minimes: Rinse-off Cleansing Cream $17

Apply moisturizer daily in the morning and before going to bed. Pick a cream that has anti-oxidants to replenish and revive the skin. Try Skin & Co. Roma: Truffle Gommage Anti-Aging Face Exfoliating Cream $32

If your moisturizer does not contain an SPF, make sure to always apply a sunscreen on top of your moisturizer to prevent pre-mature aging – yes, event in the winter! Pop this stick in your purse for all-day, on-the-go protection – Sun Bum: Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 30 $10

For more awesome tips on looking expensive, check out Andrea’s fab book!


Put Your Makeup to Work

MAKE-UPIs your makeup working for you? Mine is, but it’s taken a while to get here. And I’m sure as the years go by, my routine will continue to evolve and improve. In any case, here are some quick fixes for the frazzled summer beauty. Whether you’re headed to the office, barbecue, or beach, an easy face is a pretty face this season. Here are the tricks:


Today’s five-minute face was applied in the parking lot at Starbucks.

A strong brow shapes your face and lessens the need for a ton of makeup elsewhere. My brows are pretty sparse, so I start every morning with a quick fill-in using this pencil, or this one. I don’t get my brows waxed because everyone is always tempted to make them too skinny; instead I pluck for maintenance once every ten days or so. To keep them looking full and defined, I apply pencil in a quick, sweeping motion to imitate the direction and length of brow hairs. Filling in too solidly can leave you looking drag queen-ish. Once your brows are done, the summer face is ready to show through. Let your bronzer do double-duty by applying it all over your eyelids in lieu of shadow. Then brush it across each cheek once, in an upward motion. If you use bb cream or foundation, put it on after your bronzer, letting skin appear to glow from within. I like to just blot an extra dab of my foundation on undereye circles and blemishes to cut the extra time of concealer.

Almost done!

A great eye for day that takes you right to happy hour is easy. You have your bronzer-shadow situation down, making your eyes really pop but so naturally. Now take a narrow black pencil and trace along the lash line top and bottom. Two sweeps of Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara and a pop of lip color later, you’re ready to face the day.


Stepping it up for evening is so easy. Just add a dab of shimmery white eye shadow at the outer edge of your tear ducts, line the inside of your under lids, and put a sweep of gloss on top of your lipstick. Done!

Fight the Frizz

A friend recently asked me if I had any newly minted advice on frizzy hair. Well! I had wrongly assumed that Texas, while hot, would be less humid than New York. Any difference is marginal at best; in fact, the Keratin smoothing treatment that I had done last August failed me after living in Dallas for a mere two weeks. Yikes!


Here’s a little office selfie for you, taken an hour or so after yoga. I just brushed it and added another spritz of shine spray. Voila!

My first word to the wise is that you should not wash your hair every day. Doing so dries it out, making you more susceptible to frizz. Also, day-two hair utilizes more of its natural oils, meaning you have a built-in defense. Keep hair from looking greasy by flipping your head upside down and brushing vigorously from roots to tips with a boar bristle brush. Then, apply a small amount of dry shampoo or baby powder to the roots, working it through with your fingertips or a comb. Still not happy? Headbands are still in, girl. Get some.

Now, for the products…

My strange hair has no true identity; it is sometimes close to curly, most often a mess of waves, and occasionally quite straight–right out of the shower. So, I have some options on how I style it, and I like to mix things up depending on my mood, outfit, etc.


15% off now at

If you prefer to wear your hair straight and need an absolutely frizz-free look, the best product suite I’ve used is Kerastase. While pricey, this powerhouse shampoo and conditioner really tame your locks into submission, leaving you with hair that’s soft, easy to blow-dry straight, and without a halo of frizz for up to three days. A less expensive option is L’Oreal’s Ever Sleek, and at a mere $6.99 each for shampoo and conditioner, this is a golden steal. Whatever your shampoo of choice, reach for a de-frizz styling product like Moroccan oil Frizz Controlor Organix nourishing coconut oil. Apply generously to towel-tousled locks, let it soak in for up to five minutes, then blow-dry with a paddle brush.

hbz-BEACHY-WAVES-Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-053012-deFor wavy hair that would make Brigitte Bardot jeal, reach for wave-specific products from the shower to the shelf. I love Sally Hersberger‘s wavy hair shampoo and conditioner, and they’re each only about ten or eleven dollars a bottle. Use your de-frizz spray of choice and let your hair air-dry for ten or fifteen minutes. Then section it off and blow out with a medium-sized round brush. If you’re not getting enough beachy waves, you can try what I like to call the Twist. Separate your hair as if you were going to make pigtails, pull one side straight out from your head, and twist it tightly around itself. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat on the other side. Flip hair upside down, spray with long-hold hairspray, and flip it back up for gorgeous waves like those pictured above.

6bf0abfc07793ca4a0a4f47d7aa68aeaWant it curlier still? Meet my friend the WAND. My friend Lindsay turned me on to this incredible device and I’ve since let my mom and other friends in on the secret. A clipless curling iron does the work of making those gorgeous waves you love, without the risk of looking Shirley Temple-ish in the least. I like to wrap one-inch sections around the second-to-smallest barrel and then piece them through with my fingertips and some smoothing balm like BioSilk’s top-rated option, pictured below.



No matter the desired volume of your tresses, top off every look with a spritz (or three!) of shine spray. This will reflect light, making your hair look shiny and giving a polished texture that acts as an extra safeguard against the dreaded frizz factor.

Looking Up

541439_10152752650185051_1484194530_nI’ve always been told I look like my mom, which I hold as one of the highest compliments. Sorry to brag, but my mom is truly gorgeous… I’m lucky to have an ever-so-slightly traceable likeness to her. So, how does she look this amazing? (Note: I would never reveal this goddess’s age, but she was not a teen mom).

In her high school and college years while her friends laid out in bikinis wearing oil and hoisting reflectors up under their faces, my mom wore sunscreen. It was not the cool thing to do, but she did it. When she was broke in her early twenties, living in Manhattan and eating boxed macaroni with ketchup for dinner alongside my dad, she squirreled away to buy high quality face and eye cream. Mom has also never smoked a cigarette in her entire life, which clearly hasn’t hurt that gorgeous complexion.

Of course, the big blue eyes, thick golden hair, lovely nose, etc were just given to her. Don’t hate! But taking care of your skin, hair and bod are important if you want your beauty to last. My mom moisturizes day and night, gets deep conditioning treatments on her golden locks, and does Pilates. She also visits the doctor for frequent check-ups and eats tons of heart-healthy leafy greens (but of course, no one can be blamed for the occasional sweet treat or glass of wine).

When I had my first facial at age 15, Mom bought me some of the products the technician used. At the time, I thought it was a little silly, but I used them because my mom suggested I get a head start. I remain a strong believer in looking up to our mothers’ beauty routines. What you don’t like, throw out. (I prefer a TON more eyeliner than she does, and bronzer over blush any day). But what works, heed. You’re likely to have a similar chemical makeup of the skin and hair to your mother, and keeping her beauty secrets close to your daily routine will only help you to have a chance at her glory.

Thanks for the inspiration, Mommy!

Pack Naturally

deltamagazine_packed_suitcaseHave you ever found yourself unpacking a suitcase when you arrive on vacation and wondering, What was I thinking?. I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately (the fun is coming to an end! After this weekend, I’m grounded till September) and in so doing, I’ve found myself making some packing mistakes I’d like to share.

Similarly to how I sometimes shop (for the imaginary person I want to be and the circumstances of that imaginary person’s life!) my packing habits leave much to be desired. I am known for coming up with an idea about how the weather will be on the trip (ie. I’m going to California! Sunshine, here I come!) and not actually checking. (Ie: Northern California in early September is actually freezing, and this hoodie is in every single photo I have from the trip).

always pack a clutch, no matter where you’re going! this way, you can save your shoulders from your heavy purse when you go out at night or hang by the pool.

Another issue is how things are going to actually look. I might have a dress hanging in my closet with the tags on, because it’s still a hair too small. But if I’m headed to Miami, the dress is too. Then I arrive and hope for the best–only to find myself forced to wear some other stupid dress I packed because news flash, this one is still too small.

A few things to keep in mind: always check the weather. If you are going somewhere notoriously hot like the Caribbean, you might need to be prepared for rain. Pack a “just in case” cardigan that goes with everything, so you can throw it on in a gust of wind or even pack it into your purse should the AC be cranked too high at dinner.

Also, try everything on according to itinerary. If you have, say, one formal dinner and two days of casual sightseeing planned, pack a fancy cocktail dress and some shoes that will work in your destination city. Pack two outfits that you always feel good in and can walk around in, and then, if you tend toward the whimsical, throw in one extra dress or two fun separates that you can sub in should you feel especially inspired.


a guazy, floral sundress like this one is a great choice for most trips. it packs up small, pairs expertly with black tights and a cardigan for cooler climates, and works in warm places for dinner with heels or museum-hopping in a pair of brogues.

Finally, remember your feet! My feet swelled up so badly after my trip to Miami, I sent my physical therapist into a tailspin and have been mandated to wear those old lady compression socks on all future flights. Make sure when packing that you toss in one pair of shoes that is very comfortable and not the least bit hideous. Black or nude Ferragamo Vara flats always serve this purpose for me. Then, when your tired feet have had enough, they can find their way back to Comfyville and not ruin your outfit.


hands-down best travel shoe. all colors, $425,

A Better Cream

Close-up face of  young pretty woman squeeze skin on forehead

I have a troubling wrinkle developing in the middle of my forehead. It is neither ever-present nor completely deniable. Depending on stress, fatigue, headaches, and my beauty routine, it can be anywhere from the fainted recess not visible to any eye but mine–to a full-on crater (I’m exaggerating a little, but still) right in the middle of my forehead.

My brother was experiencing a similar situation with his own forehead, though he was pleased to unveil his incredibly tight new skin this past Christmas. Ever since then, it has continued to firm up, the lines melting away. Granted, the kid is 25, and he didn’t need much help. But this one line was bugging him, so he jumped on the Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica train and hasn’t leapt off since.

kiehlsWhen I saw how amazingly taut his skin looked, I immediately ran to Neiman Marcus and got myself a pot. I opted for the lighter version due to my combination skin, that’s prone to breakouts. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the month since I’ve started using this product. The unique blend of ingredients in this powerful potion are recommended for beauties of all ages; just start using it (applying in an upward motion, as Noah taught me) and watch the magic unfold.

This past weekend, I was in New York and opted to use his instead of packing mine (even though the jar is not over 3.4 oz., I’ve had my precious stuff dumped so many times before at airport security, I’m very leery of traveling with it now).

Surprisingly, the emerging pimples I had at the beginning of the weekend are completely at bay, even less threatening than they were on Saturday morning. And my skin looks markedly tighter and dewier–just from four days with the thicker formula. I’m amazed! In my several years of testing and trying every product on the market, I can honestly say I’ve never seen this dramatic a difference in such a short time. I’ll definitely finish up my bottle of the lighter formula, but will be moving to the more potent stuff for my next one.

I strongly suggest that you and your forehead wrinkle, or whatever else plagues you, head over to your nearest department store or the Kiehl’s online shop and stock up. Trust me, your skin will be very happy with this decision.

Try Something New: Skip the Oil


A moment away from the clothes and the lipsticks today, my friends. As many of you know, Josh and I have been on a pre-wedding diet for the past three months and it’s been tough but we are getting there. I’ve lost 12 of the 15 I had hoped for, and I might throw a couple more in just for fun. This weight-loss is due in part to five days a week of working out, but also a lifestyle change in terms of what we put in our mouths.

One easy tip if you are trying to lose weight, or at least be more conscious, is to chill with the oil. It sounds so simple and obvious, but I think a lot of us, in an attempt at being “healthy,” use olive oil way more copiously than we should. Are you making a turkey meat sauce? Good on you! Don’t cook the ground meat in a pan that you line in olive oil, though. A spritz or two of Pam will save you up to 200 useless calories there.

Are you making a salad dressing from scratch? Even better. The “fat-free” and other dietetic choices at the supermarket are loaded with sodium and chemicals. You can make a much tastier version in three minutes flat with red wine vinegar, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, a spoonful of good mustard and garlic. Pour in a drop of oil at the end instead of using it as your base. There’s a very low-cal and yummy dressing that can be used not only on salad but with a bun-less, lean burger in lieu of traditional condiments, and beyond.


make turkey meat sauce with the leanest ground turkey you can find. sautee in its own juice till no longer pink, drain excess fat. pour in a jar of organic red sauce made without sugar. season with garlic, rosemary and a touch of red wine.

Whipping up a sautee of vegetables? Yum! Consider steaming them first, to retain all the flavor and get them thoroughly cooked. Flash them in the pan for a mere moment to get that browning effect you desire, but without allowing them to sit in the oil, soaking it up and devoiding their nutritional value.

I will continue to post ideas and tips on how we’re making it happen in this newly skinny household. And please be advised, I have absolutely no nutritious training nor do I recommend you start any kind of a diet without the supervision of your physician. I am just a blogger with a wedding on the horizon and a closet full of dresses that missed me for the past six months.


super healthy and yummy side dish or to use under red sauce in place of pasta! steamed brussels sprouts strained once cooked then left to simmer in a tiny bit of water with garlic salt.

Dots and Hard Hats and Chains, Oh My!

Hanging out on Pinterest yesterday, I stumbled across this awesome image of a hard-hatted nail among chic polka-dotted friends. Wow! Sometimes you think you’ve seen all the nail innovations they could possibly invent, but then you see something like this and realize that the world of manicures is ever-evolving. Happy girl front and center!


I haven’t yet found this cool device for purchase, but the moment I do, it’s mine! In the meantime, did you know that polka dotted nails are actually super-easy? I’ve done them myself multiple times and received scores of compliments. One favorite is to paint your nails with two coats of a matte polish, let it dry, and then dab glossy top coat sporadically to create a textured polka-dot look.430781_514433158597400_800136305_n

If you want to get really fancy, you can invest in a nail art pen. Many are around $10 at drug stores. These allow you to be very precise with your dots. I’d start with white (which looks great against pastels, neons, and dark tones) and then branch out once you’ve proven to yourself that you’ll actually use the thing. Feeling more adventurous? Try pale pink with blue dots or bold green with orange dots. The options are limitless. Have fun!


I mean, why not?

Try Something New: Mix & Match for Spring

January’s Lucky mag is filled with surprising mix-and-match outfit ideas that are utterly to die for. From wild stripes with bright florals to stars and polka dots with a drapey neon cardigan thrown on top, this glitter girl was majorly inspired. It’s definitely still the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t brighten things up a little, am I wrong? Today I’m sporting a lot of black: high-waisted BDG leggings from Urban, Ferragamo low-heeled rain boots, and a long cashmere cardi from Juicy Couture. My pop of color is in the form of a bright, ocean-blue lace dress from Free People that I nabbed on sale at Bloomie’s over the holidays. Compliment count: 3 so far. Not bad!
image photoThe blue creates a surprising burst of color and looks great next to my new gray Alexander Wang bag (thanks Joshy!) but now that I’ve braved a cold wintry day in my cheerful spring dress, it’s time for more fun. It’s time for tweeds with flowers and stars with dots and stripes. I’m ready! Are you? Here are some ideas:


Yes! She’s got it. These minxy striped leggings and black floral tee are perfect. At this time of year, you’d need to add a leather bomber. But yes. This is it!


Her H&M floral bomber is a surprising addition to the white and black polka-dotted frock. Bobby socks and peeptoe booties round out the look.


She’s got it all. A bright top, plaid blazer, striped pencil skirt, statement necklace and wild shoes. Too much for you? Try just the top and a plaid blazer. Too cold? Add navy tights! Cute.

Day-Old Mascara: The newest lazy girl YES?

Wow! I found this post in my old draft this morning and had to share it with y’all. A lot has changed since I wrote it… except for my appreciation for Pop Beauty’s mascara and my tendency to leave it on for two days running. Since I wrote this, I have: moved back to Brooklyn, gone on vacation, gotten engaged (!), started a second blog, moved to Dallas, reconfigured my freelance lifestyle and gone through two rounds of false lashes. And no matter what, I go back to this mascara and this method, so I thought I would share it with you even though the post is outdated. A sort of time capsule from just shy of a year ago — so much has changed, but my favorite beauty tips remain the same. Here it is:

Even sexier the next day. Trust me.

Okay, okay. Before you judge, HEAR ME OUT. It’s been a crazed month, reaching its pinnacle last Monday. Quit day job to pursue dreams. Book enough freelance work to convince family that this is a sound decision. Receive amazing opportunity from former employer and mentor to work on exceptionally cool project (more details on that later!) Learn that big brother needs help running his new wine store. Relocate to Connecticut with cat for one month. Move one third of belongings to mother’s home, one third to brother’s home, and one third to boyfriend’s home. Take a deep breath. Go to sleep. Wake up. Get to work (at liquor store, where you can do your other work downstairs in the basement). Remember that you forgot to put mascara on.


I recently stumbled upon an incredible mascara by Pop Beauty that I highly, highly recommend. I am absolutely meticulous about my lashes and even dabbled in faux’s for a while. I’ve always had an obsession with mascara and am literally unable to leave the home without it. In my former life as a Diorshow user, I had several tricks for creating the appearance of longer lashes. Pulling upward with the wand, casting eyes downward, building layer upon layer, adding extra coats, and so on. In my new life as a Pop Beauty user, I pay $10 less per tube for a mascara that naturally builds and expands on my lashes, creating a longer and fuller look with brilliant little fibers that blend flawlessly with the lashes I naturally have.

In the latest chapter of life, where I find myself working from home or from the basement at the Wise Old Dog, my inner lazy girl has discovered that, if not removed at night, this kick-ass mascara can last a full forty-eight hours. Should you go to bed every night without washing your face? Of course not. But if you didn’t wear anything on your skin one day and you do a quick once-over with a cleansing cloth followed by moisturizer, I am hereby giving you permission to lazily rock day-old mascara one day each week. Bonus: day-old liner is smudgy, sexy and tres 70’s glam. Your boy will love it… I know mine did!

Dreaming of beautiful second-day lashes…