Everything’s Bigger (or Tighter) in Texas!

It’s the first full weekday in my new town of Dallas. I’m thrilled, I’m warm, I’m a little tired, and mostly I’m just excited about the fashion. Joshy and I went out to dinner with some (new) friends on Saturday night. I decided to rock my neon pink jeans because I didn’t know how AC-ed the restaurant would be. Let’s just say this. I am NEVER wearing jeans on a Saturday night in Texas again. I looked cute, but everyone else looked cuter.

No, showing this much butt cheek is not unacceptable down here. Well, as long as your butt looks like hers!

It wasn’t just about the big hair (that I am loving, and trying to emulate in my own small way.) There is also a major need to show your bod down here, and I’m into it. All the girls had on super-tight, short dresses, or dangerously low-cut rompers, or very loud ruffly dresses and sky-high heels. And perfect coifs, fake lashes, the works. It’s so fabulous.

Floral stretch mini’s are a major part of the regional charm. i could get down with that!

A typical day dress is feminine with a good shape. And makeup and hair are important at all hours here.

And while I’m not planning to give up my boho sensibilities, I feel totally cool about playing into the local trends and pushing my limits a little. Of course, my abs need some work before I can bare all in a body-con mini, but hey… when you have a pool at your apartment building, don’t you kind of have to start thinking about your abs anyway?

Ok, so when I start looking like this (thanks to the bridal diet, it might happen!), I will rock the body con dresses at night.


Muggy Weather Fashion

It has been ridiculously humid in New York this summer; just one more reason this sparkle girl is glad to work from home. I’m loving all the braids, bows and creative ponies that keep hair under wraps and de-frizzified. But what about the clothes?

Dressing for this weather can be a total pain. Here are some ideas:

Cotton Babydoll Dress

A ladylike cotton dress with a full skirt will keep you cool and cute at the same time. Plus, it won’t cling if you sweat a little. Peter Pan color, puffed sleeves and a pair of pumps make this simple fashion statement scream, “Style!”

Cutoffs are Everywhere!

If ever there were a time for short shorts, this summer is it. Keep your cutoffs classy by pairing with a billowing top… and flat shoes only need apply for a position with this outfit.

Peep this:

YES, you can wear a lace top with nothing beneath save a bra. But! Try a demure skinny jean like hers in candy pink to balance the look and keep yourself from appearing too naked.