Best Bralette

For my readers with big boobs, I apologize. This post is not for you. Though I’m not really sorry because, hey, you have big boobs. Good for you!


No bra, as usual.

But this is the blog for the girls like myself with nothing much going on up top. I have been known to skip the bra entirely (who needs it?). They’re uncomfortable and in many cases unnecessary. If a particular dress or sweater looks best with some cleavage, I’ll throw on a push-up, but for the most part, I’m happy with my little boobs and fine to just let them be, well, little.

But what about the sheer or tight tops that show a little too much you-know-what? Pasties are a sticky mess and have no place in an office environment. If you’re wearing a shirt that suffers from turkey’s-done syndrome, you might consider my favorite little bralettes.


This top is a little itchy, so it requires my favorite bralette.
Seriously, though, can you believe how flat my chest is?

American Apparel makes a fantastic lace bralette that is super-comfortable, gives just enough coverage that you can barely feel, and doubles as a cute look for, you know, your significant other. I own this in seven colors and am seriously contemplating buying more.


floral lace bralette, available in 14 colors., $18 each.

Someday, after I have my babies, I probably won’t be able to get away with these barely-there bras. I might even buy myself a bigger pair that require actual underwire. But for now, I’m happy in my little lacies. And hey, my fiance is not complaining either. At least I have a booty!


New Obsession: Uneven Hemlines

Why does every girl in this city wearing uneven hemline look like such an effortlessly chic princess? Whether pulled off in silk, chiffon, wool, denim or otherwise, this unbearably fabulous look is wearable, sexy, and glam without a hint of that odious I-try-too-hard factor. Worn with the shorter part to the side or in the front, you can’t go wrong. Where to score yours? Look around, dolls. I guarantee you will find the right one.

Free People skirt ON SALE for $68 at

Need Supply Co "Buttercup Skirt" ON SALE for 32.99

Urban Outfitters, "Sparkle & Fade High/Low Skirt"

Fashion Week Begins!

Friends, it is that glittering and wonderful time of year once more. I was reminded of this last night as I passed the editor-only launch for the Missoni for Target pop-up store across from Bryant Park, for which I sadly did not receive an invite this season. I reminded myself, though, that just like everyone else, I will be able to shop the new looks online starting September 13th, or when the pop-up opens to the public tonight at 6 pm (that is, if they have any goods left!).

One of hundreds of amazing looks from Missoni for Target

Other fun things on deck for tonight’s Fashion’s Night Out:

QVC‘s annual 25 to Watch party at the Suspenders Building (428 Broadway at Howard Street). Celeb arrivals and live coverage start at 9 pm EST. Red carpet starlets will include more Kardashians than you can handle, super-model-cum-jewelry designer Heidi Klum, and Anna Wintour herself.

Calypso is doing a champagne and shopping party offering guests 20% off loot, artisan truffles, and live performances at both their SoHo and meatpacking locations.

Bloomingdale’s promises celebrity appearances and great shopping at the Flagship on 59th street.

And Barneys will donate 10% of profits from FNO sales to September 11th causes. Not to mention that the utterly fabulous Linda Rodin will be celebrating her famed Olio Lusso downstairs in the cosmetics department. Stop by for fashion and beauty!

That’s just a few highlights. Check out the official website here for more ideas. Have fun and happy shopping!

Rain, Rain… Well, you know the rest

The only good thing about today’s muck and misery is that I finally got to break out those Cole Haan’s I’d been yearning to wear. But after a beautiful weekend in Florida, it was less than wonderful to step out into a cold, dark downpour this morning. Yes, New Yorkers, we can officially call this a squall. Let’s hope things change soon, because I would really like clear skies for Fashion Week… and of course, my twenty-don’t-worry-what birthday, which is on Sunday.

A few tips for making it through the rain!

1. Always, always, always keep a tiny, good quality umbrella in your bag, no matter the season or forecast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the apartment on a seemingly perfect day, only to find myself in line at Duane Reade thirty minutes later buying yet another fifteen-dollar umbrella that would break only one rainstorm later. I nabbed by totes version at TJ Maxx for a cool $15 earlier this summer, and its pale colors and sturdy construction never disappoint.

2. Don’t try to be that cute girl who rocks opened-toe shoes in a storm, warm or not. Sure, you might want to hang onto summer past its time, but soggy sandals are just not a good look. And not to go there, but let’s just go there. They’re stinky. Boot up, sister!

3. Chill with the hair. No matter what you’re trying for, you just won’t achieve it in nightmare weather like this. I like to stick to a low, side chignon with pieces coming out, or top off my manic waves with a headband to fake some order. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget plenty of waterproof mascara. When the rest of you is melting, at least your peepers will still pop.

Michelle William's loose, wavy style is a perfect example. A little spritz and you're good to go, even with some rain-induced frizz factor.

Contemplation & couture

Came across this lovely shot from a past issue of Vogue while tooling around online for cool images for an upcoming post. Wish I could jump inside of this photo and be Kirsten, just lounging in a beautiful floral sundress with lush green grass all around.

Thank you Vogue

What a difference a decal makes

Devoted Sparkles & Fun readers, I apologize my absence over the course of the past week. Two very wonderful opportunities have arisen for me to write in other platforms and due to those and my day job, it’s been tough to carve out the time for my own blog. No excuse! This is just a quickie to say I am a very tired girl indeed, and off to bed quite soon. But surprisingly, the most tiring part of my day came this morning, when I was tasked with correcting my most recent beauty adventure.

Everyone has been raving about these new at-home nail decals. As you know by now, I am a nail addict and am always up to try the latest and (not so) greatest. Last week I snagged a pack of Sally Hansen’s bright pink, sparkling (!) Nail Effects decals and skipped home with them, ready to give it a go. The application was surprisingly easy and mess-free, and I was able to drift right off to Dreamland within minutes of buffing my last one, sans impressions left from sheets on drying nails. They lasted about ten days and could have probably gone on longer if I hadn’t gotten really sick of my Pepto-Mirrorball-80s-inspired diva nails by the time I woke up this morning.

They look so pretty all lined up, don’t they? $10. Drug stores.

The problem, though, is the removal process. It took five full minutes using traditional polish remover to take off the decal on my thumb. With precious few cotton balls and even fewer minutes left, I had no choice but to resort to full-on pure acetone soakage for the remaining fingers. Most of you do not even own this product and I only do because of my recent obsession with the gel manicure (whose removal is a nightmare of its own tiring, skin-parching variety).

After I finally rid myself of the ticky-tacky decals, my nails were dry and lifeless, even a little thin. I hesitated to put any polish on them and instead opted for a simple buff-and-run. As much fun as it’s been playing with the newest nail toys these past few months, I think Jensy is going back into the wonderful world of plain old polish. At least until I remember to finally schedule that Minx appointment…

The Great Extension Debate

Yesterday my colleagues and I were strolling towards the subway at the end of a long day and the topic of hair came up, as it’s wont to do among three image-obsessed twenty-somethings. One of us was moaning about her hair–curly but thin–while the other two tried hopelessly to convince her that she’s adorable the way she is. Try as we might, we could not dissuade her from her determination to seek out hair extensions. The problem with girls is, once we have a new beauty solution in mind, it’s tough to kill the lingering hope that it might be the one answer we need. In other words, it was impossible to dissuade our young comerade, but even as we tried, I wondered why we should be. Friends, some thoughts from either side of the fence:


Beautiful long hair always rocks the runways

Hair extensions will make you feel prettier. Nothing gives a girl confidence like long, bouncy hair. And nothing makes a boy swoon like it either.

Extensions can be pricey, damage your hair, and become a nightmare to keep up. Then there’s the fact that you have fake hair on your head.

This is downright creepy, no?

We convinced our little cutie that while she might covet long and luscious locks, there is no sense in spending the time and money, or causing the damage necessary for traditional extensions. However, here is a super-cute alternative that can be inserted for a night–or a weekend. First-date ready, without the regret!

Clip-on extensions are cheap, quick, and cute!

Some Brightness on a Dreary Day

I had honestly hoped to be posting photos of all my cute spring outfits by now. But here we are on the last day of March with rain and even snow in the New York City forecast! I’m bereft, I’m over it, and I’m dreaming of sundresses. Until the day comes, though, here is a bit of bright and fun inspiration.

As you know by now, this bleek, depressing weather makes Jensy so very sad. I find the only way to perk things up is to go all-out with bright colors, fun accessories, and anything that makes you beam. This week’s photos (and again, I know I’ve been lacking in the weekly photos) are of my newest fashion/beauty icon, Miss Nicki Minaj. It’s not just that we share the same best asset. I admire Nicki for her screw-convention, turn-heads, vaguely psychotic approach to fashion, men, and the whole crazy industry of which she is part. It seems to me that beneath all that bubble-gum pink pleather, there’s a whole lot of class and smarts to boot. And that giant, grateful smile she always wears is the very best part. Cheers to you, Nicki Minaj. You and your bad-ass outfits. Oh, and your bad-ass hair, too.

Katy, You’re a Firework…

Celebrity beauty product lines always give me the creeps. I don’t care if it’s Kim Kardashian or Sean Combs–no matter what you’re famous for, I don’t think you should be putting out a fragrance unless there is a real reason. Like… you are a descendent of one of the great noses and you have a keen understanding of the business, have traveled the world researching ingredients, and your perfume is actually going to make an impact on the industry. Clearly, very few singers/actors/models can say any of the above is true of themselves. Putting out a fragrance, or a lipstick, or whatever random cosmetic initiative it is, tends to be simply one more way for “celebs” to rake in dough off slapping their name onto a product. (Sarah Jessica Parker, I understand, can be excused from the above generalization as she actually did the proper work to put out a product worth standing behind–even if the scent itself is eh).

For the most part, if there is a celebrity name attached to any cosmetic product, I won’t go near it. The same can’t be said for clothing and accessories (under the right circumstances!) but that is a topic for another post, on another day. However, when my friend Christie recently posted on her Facebook wall that she couldn’t get enough of OPI’s new polishes by Katy Perry, I was intrigued.

I googled the line and found a refreshingly adorable collection of colors. Named after Katy’s catchy hits from the past year, each one packs major girl-power punch. From the iridescent, silvery, salmony pink of “Teenage Dream” to the mellow, opalescent mint green of “Not Like the Movies.” A friend who’s bought all of them reports that “the crackle sucks.” That would be the black shellac that can be applied over any of the shades to create a fun pattern. But, I’m happy to skip the crackle anyway (who needs chipped chunks of black polish obscuring the view to her lovely shimmering nails?) and just go for the colors. For whatever reason, this is one instance where the celeb cosmetics line gets away with being downright cute and fun. Here are the colors–get them before summer hits and metallics give way to flourescents!

My Love Affair With Elizabeth Taylor

I know I wasn’t the only little girl in pearls who grew up loving Elizabeth Taylor. The dark hair, the shocking blue-violet eyes, the voluptuous figure that actually looked like it belonged to a woman, not a starved preteen. The glamour, the eccentric nature, the jewels. I devoured every page of her famed book, “My Love Affair With Jewelry,” wanting nothing more than to grow up to become as chic, as beautiful, as bedazzled, as the inimitible Ms Taylor. Tough luck, Jensy.

I don’t possess the esteemed knowledge or multitude of facts that her many internet and print biographers in the coming days surely will, nor do I feel that being merely a fan entitles me to say much on her passing. But I will say that this girl is very sad today at having lost a personal hero–an icon of beauty, style, and class. I’d like to share a few of my personal favorite photos with you. May the lady live on in our glamorous little hearts forever. Rest in Peace, Liz Taylor.

Flaunting the Krupp diamond (33 Karats!) 1968

Book Cover: My Love Affair With Jewelry

Accepting one of her two Academy Awards