MoonWalk NYC: Get Ready to Show Some Love

Scan001Do you have boobies? Do you like boobies? So many Americans have been affected by breast cancer within their lifetime. My family has lost precious loved ones and friends, and it’s likely yours has, too. Rather than sitting around and fretting, it’s time to spring into action and do something. But what? That’s where MoonWalk NYC comes in.

If you haven’t heard of this fun and spirited charity, here’s a little background. I love a good story, and this definitely is one:

Walk the Walk started sixteen years ago when thirteen women including founder Nina Barough walked the New York City Marathon in their bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. This simple act of charity and care turned into a multi-million dollar charity, with sponsored walks in New York and beyond.

Walk-the-Walk-Bra-LogoIn January of 1997, just after the first walk, Nina found out she had breast cancer herself. The Walk then spread to the London Marathon, where celebs like Paul Smith, Mary Quant and Richard Branson got involved. Soon, it became a phenomenon, with a nighttime walk occurring on the eve of the London Marathon. Today, Walk the Walk is an official charity and the MoonWalk NYC on July 20th promises to be an epic event.

Grab your friends, grab a bra, and sign yourself up. This amazing charity is only thirteen years old and has already spawned unique, important studies in the research of breast cancer. Walk the Walk has changed lives and you can be a part of the fun and the glory. Sign up here and be a part of something magnificent.

WTW-2013-Moonwalk-IJ-0431This is a sponsored post from One2One and Walk the Walk. All opinions stated are my own.


Sunday Afternoon & A Couple of Vogues

Yesterday Josh decided to play tennis in the afternoon, so I decided to go to the gym. And then I decided to instead give myself an afternoon off and indulge in my greatest dual pleasure–sunshine and fashion. I leashed the dog and headed to our rooftop, getting some much-needed color on my blindingly white legs and flipping through this and last month’s Vogues (it’s been a busy eight weeks!), along with an Us Weekly and the latest Martha Stewart Living. Heaven!


I dog-eared some chic spreads, ripped out a cool recipe, and happily watched my pup catch some sun-soaked Z’s. Sure, I prefer when Josh is around because anything with him nearby is more fun than not. But it was still lovely.

When you have two free hours on a Sunday afternoon, what do you love to do with them?

A lovely thing happened on the way to the beach…

Crystal Pier, San Diego, California… where this little princess became someone’s fiance.

Devoted readers, friends, family… everyone in Sparkle Land who has been wondering where the Hell I’ve gone… please FORGIVE me. In addition to a glorious full-time job that pushes a tad (or more than a tad) past the normal hourly range of “full-time,” and a blossoming freelance writing roster that keeps me busy, Joshy and I disappeared over the week of July 4th for a little R&R… and a BIG life change.

That’s right. After three and a half years of love, laughter, and even some major tears, the man I picked up in a bar in March of 2009 gave me the surprise of a lifetime of July 5, 2012. I thought it was an evening stroll pre-dinner, until he knelt down and shared some very special (private) words, and asked me to marry him. I’ve never known such joy!

Back to Brooklyn, back to reality. I’ve never known such chaos! Between the job and the after-hours job, the wedding planning, and another big announcement that’s in the works (NO, I’m not pregnant!), we’ve been running around like crazy people. We even ran ourselves right into Sinus Infection Land this week, and it’s been Hell climbing out.

This was taken on our vacation, but pretty much sums up what we look like around here most days. Working from home, wedding planning, and other exciting things lead to lazy haircare routines and sweatshirt re-runs.

In any case, I just wanted to remind you that I am still here, and Sparklier than ever! I have a new bridal blog, Born to be a Bride, which I hope you will check out. And I have new, happier outlook. I will not stop blogging about all things sparkly from summer dresses and lipglosses to the fall collections, as they roll out. But there are some big changes coming for this little bride-to-be, and I can’t wait to take you all along for the ride. Let’s go!

xxx, Jensy

One thing this super-blogger and bride is always armed with: a Venti. Keeps me sane, productive, and creative.

This is what makes us girls

Rocking out to Lana del Ray’s “This is What Makes Us Girls” with my pink earbuds plugged into my pink-rubber-bunny-cased iPhone is a fabulously girly thing. The song makes me think about all the trouble my little posses of the past got into… in high school we were cruising around in the back seat of older boys’ Jeeps, swigging Arizona iced tea mixed with cheap vodka out of water bottles. In college we were buying clothes on our parents’ credit cards and pretending no one would ever find out. And then there were the parties… but no need to get into all of that now.

Flashback: Pookie’s bachelorette party in March 2010. Oh, what a night!

Last week: Getting trapped in a hurricane en route to pick up Pookie at work. This served as the perfect time to experiment with a deep side part and a navy eye liner that I found in her glove box.

So, what now? I’m in my late twenties (yes, I am at the age that I can still pretend is mid twenties but everyone else in the world says it’s late. I am over it). I live a calm and quiet life in Brooklyn with a wonderful boyfriend and a sweet little cat. We don’t have children but we do make dinner together from scratch. I make the beds and he does the laundry. We take walks to the pier for ice cream and occasionally I convince him to join me for a boozy brunch with friends or a raucous happy hour. It’s all blissful.

Pookie is domestic too. One night while I visited her in CT, she buried herself in this cookbook trying to decide what to make me for dinner. In the end, we settled on Chinese takeout.

But what about the girls? I spent this past weekend with Pookie remembering what makes us girls. We got really corny-chic manicures at a local salon for $15 a pop. We went shopping and tried on a million lovely things, then bought one each. We skipped the maxi dresses and blue plastic bangles we didn’t need. We lunched on Thai food outside and, influenced by the crisp rose, went back and bought the unnecessary maxi and bangle. (Pink wine and sunshine will do that to a girl. Learn it!)

We ate Mexican food for dinner and got dressed up for no one but each other. We straightened our hair and wore sky-high heels (and our new dresses, you guessed it!). We stumbled home, drunk on jalapeno-infused margaritas and laughter. We stayed up too late watching reruns of Teen Mom and dancing around this pristine little Brooklyn apartment like school girls. (Yes, Josh was out of town!)

It was more than a weekend of splurging and laughing. It was a time to reflect on who we are, who we were, and why we ended up friends in the first place. She might be my sister-in-law now (my brother fell in love and married her after we graduated; can you blame him?), but at the heart of it all, there are a few things that never change. Glitter, lip gloss, music, high heels, secrets, laughter, drip coffee, and pink wine. This is what makes us girls.

Years and miles might have brought us farther from the moment that this shot was taken, but at our core, Pookie and I will ALWAYS be these girls.

Comfy Cuties

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about how to be comfy and cute at the same time, but I wanted to throw out a little refresher course for those of you with no weekend plans and a a stirring desire not to lounge on the couch in sweats for 48 hours straight. It used to be so simple, right? That moment between 2002 and 2007 when tossing on SoLow pants and a t-shirt or a full-on Juicy jumpsuit made you comfortable and glam at the exact same time? Those days are over, but there is a new comfy cute that really works. How to do it without trying too hard (or not enough)? Read on.

Preppy Comfy Cute:

If you used to rock ripped jeans and your boyfriend’s old Oxford, try this instead.

Do not be intimidated by her platforms. You can achieve the same look with loafers. All she’s done is thrown an old sweater and a necklace over a loose-fitting blouse and put on trousers. This outfit takes two minutes to put together, and she can race around town in it easily.

Girly Comfy Cute:

If you’re obsessed with anything floral, lacy, or generally pretty, try this.

Nothing is more effortless or more instantly pretty than a floaty, floral sundress. You can also eat whatever you want it this without popping a button. Hers is from Free People; stock up on a few now and wear them all summer long thrown over a bathing suit with some flip flops and a pair of pink shades. Done!

Glammy Comfy Cute:

If you used to wear platforms or tons of jewelry with your Juicy jumpsuits, try this. 

Glam girls, stay true to your roots with sequined leggings. They feel just like other leggings, but they look more like you. Spray painted oversized tank tops, bright baseball caps and chunky jewelry are easy add-ons that you’ll feel comfy in, but will speak to your inner goddess of glamour.

Summer (skin) Lovin’

It’s almost that time of year, and this Lawn Gisland girl has to admit to being VERY torn on the sunscreen front. Now, if we’re being honest, it’s been drilled into our heads for years that tanning is unsafe. More and more articles and TV news pieces are surfacing constantly to caution us about safe skin practices. (This morning, on the Today show, I learned that we should be using a SHOTGLASSFULL of sunscreen on our bodies every two hours every day?? Wild. And expensive, no?) But, the reality is, it’s time to smarten up about our skin. That said, as much as I don’t want to wind up leathery one day, and I certainly don’t want skin cancer, I am obsessed with looking tan. It’s in my DNA. Just part of Long Island’s regional charm, I guess. What’s a tanorexic to do?

SPRAY TAN! Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Smelly, messy, and yellow (orange?) in the wrong places. But, no, the new spray tans, while pricey, can actually be JUST what the doctor, and the tanorexic, ordered. I was lucky enough to receive my first local spray tan (I had one in LA last year that didn’t go so great) at one of Manhattan’s finest spots–the Spa at Trump SoHo. Danielle, one of their aestheticians, delivered a customized spray tan in a comfortable, beautiful environment. Now, I might have been a little cold at times, but there was practically no dry time, and absolutely no smudging. I have never had a prettier tan in all my life, and my skin was glad to know that it wasn’t being affected in the slightest (except, maybe with some moisturizers!).

Do I, or do I not, look like I just spent a few days in Cabo (as opposed to where I really have been spending my time–which is in a dark room, in Brooklyn, writing)?

The spray tan will only last you about a week, but I drew mine out a little longer by using Clarins and Mystic home products on my face, arms, and legs afterward. My natural-looking glow was complimented by friends, coworkers, and (duh) my boyfriend. Look, I understand the desire to be tan, but this is one of those public service warnings we should really heed. Within my immediate family alone, there are two people who survived melanoma. They were lucky, but not everyone is. With one in five American adults contracting skin cancer these days, wouldn’t you rather pay a little more to look tan the safe way?

PS. If you go to the Spa at Trump SoHo during the week, spray tans are only $95!


Had the most delicious four days in Vermont with Joshy. From a glorious Middlebury campus visit to watching a football game in a dive bar, then stumbling home drunk in the snow, it’s amazing how some things change, and others stay the same. Photos and stories and musings to come, but for now–a word. Happy.

Photo borrowed from

PS. Check out my recent piece on ski bunny beauty here. What do you think?

A Very Sweetsie Chrismy Season

Budgets and kittens and deadlines have kept us from purchasing the grand, real tree we might have imagined. But in Williamsburg with my little brother this Christmas, the choice to borrow a neighbor’s white tree and make everything deliciously sparkly is good enough for me. I came home from work on Sunday to find a delightful little Charlie-Brown-esque white tree in a corner of the great room modestly decorated in sequins, lights, and little silvery swirls of aluminum tinsel. Yesterday afternoon we finished our shopping (everyone is getting a little–or huge–blue box this year) and I have to say, I am quite pleased with the result.

Now, I’ve just finished sculpting and painting my nails in Lilacism, my old standby. I’ve come home from a delicious evening with a dear old friend from my magazine days. And as I sit here looking at my little tree, and watching the cats run around over Oriental rugs and through hanging silk scarves, I have to admit things are looking up. It’s been a long and interesting year, and quite frankly, a pretty dismal month. But December 25th holds promise of family and love, and plenty of booze. No complaints here. Happy season, my beloved readers! I hope you all rally around your trees, Menorahs, and/or family with the same type of appreciation and love that I am lucky enough to enjoy.

Light as a Feather

Today is a very proud day for me and for my esteemed colleagues at new online ‘zine, Feather. We have been working tirelessly for the past couple of months to get all the different bits and pieces ready for our excited readers. The magazine will explore themes that matter to girls our age–from the college-bound to the career woman in her early 30’s. Basically, it’s a survival guide for today’s young woman.

We cover everything from fashion and beauty to relationship drama and finances. I’ve already learned so much from the other Feather girls, and I hope you will too. Please check out the site and contact any or all of the editors with your feedback and questions. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it, and that you are excited, as we are are, to watch this project continue to grow and evolve.

Thank you, dolls, for supporting me in everything I do! More to come! xxxJensy

PS. In other news, my amazing boyfriend has set me up with a new email address. You can now reach me on Yay!


Beautify at Saks!

Apparently it’s Beauty Week at Saks. Everything about that sentence makes me happy. Don’t you just love S5A? Sadly, this broke girl hasn’t been in a while, but I luckily still receive their e-mailer. Yesterday, I got this week’s, claiming that the beloved brand is all about the pretty right now. Let’s take a look.

Their Facebook page offers a slew of awesome beauty tips and highlighted products right now, from a “What Hue are You?” lipstick quiz to a feature on Laura Mercier‘s new foundation primer. While you’re bopping around on, I recommend you check out some of Jensy’s fall must-haves, all available now at Saks.

Head straight to the moon with Nars' Space Odyssey silver nail polish,, $17

Want to make your smoky eye transition from day-appropriate to vampy night look? All you need is this palette of purples from Bobbi Brown. Black Ruby Sparkle eye palette,, $45

Simply the best balm, with a touch of rose. Christian Dior Creme Abricot,, $23.50

This heady floral scent will make him weak in the knees; the rich creamy feel with cure your fall skin dryness. Bond No 9 Andy Warhol Union Square body cream,, $115