Published Journalism

Some of my work that appears around the web…Enjoy.
xxxJensy Remember when Elle Woods referred to Cosmopolitan magazine as the “bible”? Well, I’m pretty excited to have contributed to their online counterpart. Here are some samples:

Makeup that’s Perfect for Making Out

We’re Loving the New Bouffant Look

Whose Blond Tresses do you Like Best?

All Things Chic: A blog for women who are way too chic to just be known as moms. Since I’m as of yet without babies, I feel lucky to be included in this group of fabulous women. Find my fashion and beauty coverage for ATC here.

Fall Trend: Peplum Dresses

Fashion Week Beauty Rundown Whether you live in the city or are here for a visit, you should check out the site for useful information on everything from music and sports to theater and dining. Please find your way to my fashion and shopping blog and let me know what you think! The be-all, end-all in non-bitchy celebrity gossip. I served as morning editor this fall and winter; check in daily for celeb news!

Feather magazine: The twenty-something girl’s guide to everything from changing tires to getting your crush to notice you. My work can be found here. Heart Magazines’ online beauty hub. I had a lot of fun researching these stories:

33 Ways to Tighten & Brighten from head to toe

33 Ways to Get Ready for Summer

Hint magazine: A very cool, somewhat avant-garde outlet for fashion and beauty coverage. I adore writing for them.

Money Where Your Mouse Is

Versace for the Rest of Us

Hooked: Emporio Armani

Hooked: Louis Vuitton

Shooting the Hermes

Hooked: Dior Homme

How Gucci was made Writers determine their own content. What could be better than that? I am a NY Beauty Products & Services examiner.

Glossy girls take note

Training Day: An exclusive interview with Les James, personal trainer

Eye spy a solution for summer

The best new facial Manhattan has to offer

Royal bridal beauty in a New York minute

An organic kind of glam


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