Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I can’t lie, I’ve always loved diamonds. Long before I met Josh, I used to tear out Tiffany ads, making an engagement ring wish-list scrapbook. I have a few vintage diamond pieces from both grandmothers, and I’ve always felt just a little more special when I wear them. My mom wears her fingers (and sometimes ears and neck) stacked with sparklers, and whether she’s headed to the mall or a ball, they always work.


there’s my beautiful diamond, a 2-ct. round brilliant in a four-prong, timeless platinum setting.

Last year, when I briefly worked at Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue, my absolute favorite two hours spent on the job were during the store tour we were given as part of orientation. I had to keep running to catch up with the group, because (especially on floors one and two), the chance to stop and stare at the bling was just so amazing. I couldn’t stop.

Of course, just after the tour I returned to work and was sent home for being dressed inappropriately, which sort of soured the moment. But that’s nothing new for an envelope-pushing girl who’s always felt confined when faced with a strict dress code. I digress.

Tiffany & Co. Celebrates Its Blue Book Ball At Rockefeller Center In New York City

The company’s annual Blue Book event features their best of show-stopping jewels. I’m personally most impressed by the diamonds, natch. This year’s top celebs to attend were Gwyneth and SJP. I came across these photos from the blue carpet; do you not love how Sarah Jessica Parker pairs two over-the-top necklaces together, for a Carrie-esque, eclectic re-imagining of the designs?

Tiffany & Co. Celebrates Its Blue Book Ball At Rockefeller Center In New York CityBreathtaking. I love this look but must admit, I’m perfectly happy with my own amazing diamond. Every time I look at it I think, “It’s true! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And hey, it doesn’t hurt that the heart of the guy who gave it to me is much more valuable than the world’s most impressive stones.


Stop it Shoes

I love shoes. There is nothing original or surprising about this statement. I’m a women, I live in New York City, and I’ve been reading fashion magazines since before I was in a training bra. Of course I love shoes. And as much fun as it is to poke around the sale racks at Saks or pick up an impromptu pair of Seychelles on, sometimes shoe dreams can be as exciting if not more fulfilling than buying the pair you can actually afford.

Giuseppe Zanotti metallic leather curved-wedge T-strap sandals, $895,

“Stop it” shoes are a pair of shoes that make you stop and stare. They are expertly crafted little works of art that happen to be intended for wear, but would be just as useful housed in gallery-style glass cubes and stared at all day by twenty-something girls who can barely afford their monthly manicure, let alone a pair of Stop it Shoes.

Imagine stomping down the streets of your town in these bad-ass wedges. Talk about a fashion statement!

Today, it’s a metallic leather platform with inverted heel from Gieseppe Zanotti. Damn, those Italians know what they’re doing! Probably easier to walk in than the Lady Gaga-approved McQueens that peppered the sidewalks of lower Fifth a few seasons back, these shoes are sporty, elegant, and fantastical all at once. Perhaps also because the price of gold is so high right now, anything gold in color just seems that much more opulent and exciting. These artfully shaped platforms retail for well under $1,000 dollars, but from we’re I’m sitting, they’re priceless works of art.

Anne Hathaway: My beautiful neighbor

Joshy and I were walking in our neighborhood toward home the other afternoon and witnessed celebrity obsession at its worst–a horde of paparazzi swirling down York Street on motorcycles and foot, all attempting to get a photo of a rail-thin, large-sunglass-wearing actress with her arm in a sling and a hunk to her left.

I met her once when I was working on Fifth Avenue. She asked me for what she was looking for; her voice and her affect were gentle and sweet. I fell in love. Anne is major Girl Crush Material.

Are you loving the outfit? I’ve never seen an injured arm look so great!

Back to Sunday, the way these nutty photogs aggressively shouted things at Hathaway and her love Adam Shulman, and the urgency with which they scooted around the street to get the photo, saddened our hearts a little. Joshy was confused. Why was the actress wearing a massive hat and sunglasses? I explained that it was Sunday morning, and the poor thing was probably trying to shield a tired and unmade-up face (something we should all be free to sport on Sunday mornings) from the harsh click of a stranger’s camera.

I will say this about the inimitable Miss Anne though. The girl can work a maxi. I have never seen a celebrity look so chic on her day off. And while DUMBO is filled with lovely women in sun hats and overpriced sunglasses, I can assure you that with or without the swarms of paparazzi, we would have recognized her star power from miles away.

She is so beautiful.

Hausfrau: the new sexy look?

A year ago I went to drinks to celebrate a friend’s birthday after work. It was a casual affair, so I went straight from work in the dress I’d worn despite much contemplation. It was the end of the laundry cycle, and all the cute dresses were either buried in the bottom of the hamper or on house arrest at the dry cleaner’s until I could afford to pick them up. What now? I donned a beige midi-length cotton dress that’s lace in front and linen-like down the back, with a pleated skirt. Underneath it was my usual sheer-dress solution, a black cotton long sleeved T and black leggings. I paired it with brown Frye boots. I spent the whole night wondering if I looked like a hausfrau; my friends thought it was a combination of hilarious and true.

But the more I troll around online looking for cute loot at a great price, the more I’m seeing that this sort of early 20th-century gauzey house dress look is surprisingly in. And I am not even a little ashamed to say I totally love it. Now, this is one trend that your boyfriend won’t understand. In fact, he might cringe at the sight of your new dress.

But if you take a page out of Taylor Swift’s recent outfit books, you’ll see that this look is totally now. Her Grammy performance dress, anyone? Okay, so the braid was overkill. But the dress was (oddly) hot.

Here are some of my personal favorites. Don’t wanna join in on the fun? Suit yourself!

Turn up the volume by making your house dress a red one. Betsey Johnson Pink Label tulip print maxi halter dress, $148,