Beautify at Saks!

Apparently it’s Beauty Week at Saks. Everything about that sentence makes me happy. Don’t you just love S5A? Sadly, this broke girl hasn’t been in a while, but I luckily still receive their e-mailer. Yesterday, I got this week’s, claiming that the beloved brand is all about the pretty right now. Let’s take a look.

Their Facebook page offers a slew of awesome beauty tips and highlighted products right now, from a “What Hue are You?” lipstick quiz to a feature on Laura Mercier‘s new foundation primer. While you’re bopping around on, I recommend you check out some of Jensy’s fall must-haves, all available now at Saks.

Head straight to the moon with Nars' Space Odyssey silver nail polish,, $17

Want to make your smoky eye transition from day-appropriate to vampy night look? All you need is this palette of purples from Bobbi Brown. Black Ruby Sparkle eye palette,, $45

Simply the best balm, with a touch of rose. Christian Dior Creme Abricot,, $23.50

This heady floral scent will make him weak in the knees; the rich creamy feel with cure your fall skin dryness. Bond No 9 Andy Warhol Union Square body cream,, $115


Lavender Dreams

Her lavender skirt is a vintage find. I love how she roughs it up with messy, bleached hair and a bright red bag. Tres chic. Photo borrowed from

I’m a pink girl and always have been, but recently my eye has been drifting toward all things purple and pretty. Though fall is upon us and it’s time to button up, and often darken up, there’s no shame in using this bold pastel in your styling from head to toe. Here are some fab uses for lavender.

Sweep the floor.

A floral chiffon skirt packs major punch and will look great with a gray wool sweater, tights and boots., $58

Top it off.

The fun pattern keeps this classic cut youthful and cool., $88

Wrap and go.

Things are coming up roses with this delicious scarf., ON SALE for $10


A beautiful amethyst necklace will brighten up your woollies., ON SALE for $312.50


I've always been crazy for Liliacism, and am thrilled that it's still available., $8

The Midi Length… What do we Think?

The day job requires me to wear skirts that are not too short. And as many of you know, I have always reigned supreme as the chick with the shortest hemline in the room. Hmm. Not to be dramatic, but this is a problem. Luckily, today’s trends are forgiving, and I’m falling more and more in love with the not-too-skanky, not-too-dowdy midi-length skirt. With a funky tight and a cute pump, it might just be as sexy as my old look. Or, almost.

A pop of orangey-red is fun and youthful, but the shape keeps this one demure. "Brenda" skirt,, $38

No shame in this sweet, easy-to-wear pencil skirt from T Tahari., $69.50

I nabbed this "merlot" pleated knee-length skirt at American Apparel this morning., $54

Try Something New: Rounded Nails

For years I have adhered firmly to the square shape when getting manicures. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had it engrained in my mind that this is a more refined look. Recently, while paging through the summer books, I found that a lot of the celebs have been opting for round. Why not give it a try?

Due to the new day job, I need to be careful not to have too much fun with my nails; neon and crazy patterns are out. So is nail art. No problem here… there are so many pretty, classy colors to try this season. I treated myself to a pale pink mani this afternoon and, on a whim, went for a round shape.

My nails definitely look dainty and ladylike. Further, the rounded edge makes them appear longer than they are (Typing kills your length. Know that). Here is a photo of my fun new nail adventure. Hope you like it… and give it a try.

New Obsession: Face Oil

You might have caught that article in August Vogue about the amazing Linda Rodin and her magical face oil. If not, I suggest you check it out here. I’ve been enamored with Rodin and her whole philosophy on skincare since I interviewed her this past Spring for a story. When we spoke about her olio lusso for the face, I admit I was wary. Though my teen years are long gone, I still suffer through embarrassing and frustrating acne breakouts from time to time. Linda assured me that the oil helps to return all skin to a lovely place between taut and soft. Acne, wrinkles, and redness beware.

Nab your bottle at

A 1 fluid ounce bottle of Olio Lusso will set you back $140, but I guarantee you, it’s worth the price tag. If you have any skin problems whatsoever (don’t we all?) you will benefit from this oil. Since I started using one to drops a night, my skin has been glowing like never before. However, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to the best of the best, here’s a second choice that’s not too shabby. Shine on, my pretty little things!

Bobbi Brown "Extra" Face Oil,, $60

Heaven on 14th Street

A friend and fellow writer, the lovely Jennifer Rice, sent me in for a very special birthday surprise last week. I arrived at the Face Place and was welcomed by an uber-relaxing, lovely white space filled with smiling people. There was absolutely no wait time–I had barely turned back the cover of Cosmo before my name was called and I was ushered back to begin.

What followed was the most luxurious, relaxing hour and a half of my life. Aesthetician Angela gave me a facial that took my combination, acne-afflicted skin from sad to glowing like a teenager’s. Erica worked my rough end-of-summer feet from please-hide-me status to fresh, smooth and lovely. Oh, and did I mention that while you rest (yes, I literally passed out during the extractions of my facial. That’s how gentle Angela is!), your pedicure and manicure are happening simultaneously.

Peridot, one of the amazing fall colors from Chanel., $25

When I awoke, I found my tootsies done up in the latest Chanel greeny-gold, my finger nails a beautiful taupe by Butter, and my skin absolutely flawless, dewy, and not even red. If you treat yourself to one special thing this fall, loves, it should a facial-mani-pedi at the Face Place in the meatpacking. And tell them Jensy sent you!

Breakfast (or at least lunch) at Tiffany’s

Monday was my very first day at the new day job, and I certainly know why Audrey decided to go to Tiffany every time she had a case of the “mean reds.” Suffice it to say that the way I have designed the newest chapter in my sparkly life is extremely fulfilling; work all day with wonderful people at the most glamorous retailer in Manhattan (the world?), and come home at night to write, write, write.

Yes, I am a lucky girl indeed. Not very much to say for this evening, other than that Jensy has landed on her (stilettoed) feet. And I encourage you all, my sweets, to truly listen to yourselves above the rest. Only you can make the choice to make you happy. And being surrounded by glitter and smiles on Fifth certainly doesn’t hurt.

Easy tip: How to do an Up-Do

Ever since my little-girl ballet days, I’ve understood the undeniable chic of a well-done chignon. Love French twists for brides. Totally dig a high, tight pony on just about everyone. But with my somewhat sticky-out ears and broad shoulders, a part of me always feels like an ugly little boy with my hair pulled back. I know it might sound strange, but the hair-up situation is a tough one for me to pull off.

Perfect little ballet bun at a 2007 Elie Saab runway show

Oh, but the agony of wearing one’s hair down every single day. It’s hot and can be annoying, not to mention the fact that it must look utterly gorgeous at all moments when being worn down. I suffered so severely from the fear of looking like a boy in high school that I remember clearly the very first–and only–time I attempted a bun in ninth grade. It was eighth period Social Studies and I was wearing one of those thick-cottoned long sleeved Abercrombie tees that were so very important my freshman year. I was so hot that I felt my face flush and sweat forming at the back of my neck.

Giving in to the heat, I reluctantly borrowed a hair tie from a classmate and pulled it all up into a loose, high bun. When my teacher (whose class I had been in for five months) walked in, he asked me if I was new to the school. This was the moment I decided it was time I hightail it out of my hair rut and learn how to experiment. Here is some of what I’ve learned:

For the moment of worry about bumps, cowlicks, and/or uneven parts:

The best way to pull together a chic updo if you have an awkwardly placed cowlick or trouble getting your hair to stay flat on top is to incorporate a braid on one or both sides. This draws attention to the braid and away from any bumps or imperfections. I really like the style shown by Anne Hathaway below. To achieve it, create a deep part on one side of your hair. On the half that has more hair, start a loose French braid a couple of inches below the part (where your roots would start if you hadn’t touched up your color in a couple of months). For an inside-out French like Anne has here, just reverse the regular French braid process, pulling from under rather than braiding over.

Anne gets it right by adding a dangly earring and plenty of liner

Once you’ve braided to the nape of your neck, pull all of your hair together in a low, loose bun. Wrap hair around itself twice and affix all around with bobby pins. Spray to hold, but let any wisps fall as they might. This look is effortlessly chic, and can be worn during the day or to a cocktail party–or both!

For when you want to look refined and polished, but not like a granny:

Messy buns are great, and they’ve remained popular for years now from the runways to the streets. But for some offices and events, they are just too… well, messy. Here is a sleek and easy updo that will keep hair off your face, out of your eyes, and off of your boss’s “Please Re-read our Dress Code” list.

Pull hair back tight, smoothing the top of your head with a boar bristle paddle brush. Create a high pony (if you think it’s too high, it’s probably just about right), leaving about a half-inch section of hair out of the pony underneath. Once you’ve affixed with your ponytail holder, wrap the extra hair around several times to create the illusion that the pony is being held in place by hair, not elastic. Two or three bobby pins from below should do the trick to keep it in place. Spray.

This is what the back of your hair should look like before you curl it.

Then: with a medium-barrel curling iron, take small sections of hair and create tight waves throughout the pony. Spray everywhere with an illuminating hairspray and some Sally Hershberger shine spray. Voila! Like Rihanna, you’ll look peppy, pretty, and ready to rock!

If your ears stick out, like mine do:

Girl, you still deserve to pull your hair up! Here are my favorite tricks for drawing attention away from the ears…

1. Keep some hair in your face. Letting a few pieces dangle will keep eyes moving and make you feel like self-conscious.

2. Body at the back… or on top. A big, voluminous bun or punchy pony creates enough drama to balance your perky ears.

3. Makeup, makeup, makeup. Dark, dramatic liner makes the focus all about your eyes.

4. Remember that no one’s perfect. We all have our little woes. And it turns out, even if you think you look like a boy with your hair up, your boy probably doesn’t agree…

Fashion Week Begins!

Friends, it is that glittering and wonderful time of year once more. I was reminded of this last night as I passed the editor-only launch for the Missoni for Target pop-up store across from Bryant Park, for which I sadly did not receive an invite this season. I reminded myself, though, that just like everyone else, I will be able to shop the new looks online starting September 13th, or when the pop-up opens to the public tonight at 6 pm (that is, if they have any goods left!).

One of hundreds of amazing looks from Missoni for Target

Other fun things on deck for tonight’s Fashion’s Night Out:

QVC‘s annual 25 to Watch party at the Suspenders Building (428 Broadway at Howard Street). Celeb arrivals and live coverage start at 9 pm EST. Red carpet starlets will include more Kardashians than you can handle, super-model-cum-jewelry designer Heidi Klum, and Anna Wintour herself.

Calypso is doing a champagne and shopping party offering guests 20% off loot, artisan truffles, and live performances at both their SoHo and meatpacking locations.

Bloomingdale’s promises celebrity appearances and great shopping at the Flagship on 59th street.

And Barneys will donate 10% of profits from FNO sales to September 11th causes. Not to mention that the utterly fabulous Linda Rodin will be celebrating her famed Olio Lusso downstairs in the cosmetics department. Stop by for fashion and beauty!

That’s just a few highlights. Check out the official website here for more ideas. Have fun and happy shopping!

Rain, Rain… Well, you know the rest

The only good thing about today’s muck and misery is that I finally got to break out those Cole Haan’s I’d been yearning to wear. But after a beautiful weekend in Florida, it was less than wonderful to step out into a cold, dark downpour this morning. Yes, New Yorkers, we can officially call this a squall. Let’s hope things change soon, because I would really like clear skies for Fashion Week… and of course, my twenty-don’t-worry-what birthday, which is on Sunday.

A few tips for making it through the rain!

1. Always, always, always keep a tiny, good quality umbrella in your bag, no matter the season or forecast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the apartment on a seemingly perfect day, only to find myself in line at Duane Reade thirty minutes later buying yet another fifteen-dollar umbrella that would break only one rainstorm later. I nabbed by totes version at TJ Maxx for a cool $15 earlier this summer, and its pale colors and sturdy construction never disappoint.

2. Don’t try to be that cute girl who rocks opened-toe shoes in a storm, warm or not. Sure, you might want to hang onto summer past its time, but soggy sandals are just not a good look. And not to go there, but let’s just go there. They’re stinky. Boot up, sister!

3. Chill with the hair. No matter what you’re trying for, you just won’t achieve it in nightmare weather like this. I like to stick to a low, side chignon with pieces coming out, or top off my manic waves with a headband to fake some order. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget plenty of waterproof mascara. When the rest of you is melting, at least your peepers will still pop.

Michelle William's loose, wavy style is a perfect example. A little spritz and you're good to go, even with some rain-induced frizz factor.