New Obsession: Snapseed


My Joshy and Me, post Snapseed manipulation. Cute right?

I am a massive Instragram fan and have been known to while away the hours manipulating my favorite photos into Instagram sensations. Recently I noticed that a friend had uploaded some seriously awesome photos onto Facebook via Snapseed, so I decided to give the app a try.

I’m very much for the free apps, but I found I was more than willing to pay the $5 fee for this app. Beyond the little tricks that Instagram uses, Snapseed lets you sharpen, adjust, and otherwise update your photos in ways that are not just gimicky but professional looking. I tried my hand at the app this week and am already thrilled with the results. Even though I haven’t had a ton of time to play with my photos, I’m already excited to flex my Snapseed skills. If you’re a photo buff, I suggest scoping out this not free–but cheap– app. Let me know what you think!


I was very impressed by how professional I was able to make this one look. It was snapped with a cell phone in poor lighting!


New Obsession: ASOS

My friend and fellow editor-turned-PR-girl-turned-back-to-editor Monique has a deep obsession with shopping, as do I. When we were working together last year, one of us would often find the other spending short breaks online shopping. More often than not, we were placing coveted items in imaginary carts (our colleague Steph did a lot of this too!). Weak twenty-something budgets and cautionary words from our mothers about bills to be paid kept us from completing too many purchases.

But one day, Monique was on a quest for the perfect dress to wear to a friend’s upcoming wedding. She turned her screen around to share with us what she was up to. My partner in crime (and in shopping) was incredibly proud of her discovery, a floor-length champagne-hued evening gown that managed to be: a) affordable, b) chic, and c) black-tie appropriate. It was the holy grail of eveningwear, a triple threat none of us had ever imagined actually existed. She was on I was immediately hooked.

Things have changed over the past few months, and my choice to quit PR and focus on the materialization of dreams has meant a (hopefully) temporary pay cut that cancels out most shopping opportunities. That said, I do scope out from time to time to see what kind of super-hot duds they’re offering. Upon discovering this week that they are offering complimentary 4-day shipping to the US, I decided to take a peek, and have once again fallen in love. And fallen hard.

My current obsessions include:

It doesn't get much brighter than this candy stripe dress with cut-out sides. $81.81.

Seriously on sale for only $39, the collar, the lace and the sweet sleeves make me weak in the knees.

Elegant and dainty at the same time, a sweater with lace all-over. $100.

New Obsession: Uneven Hemlines

Why does every girl in this city wearing uneven hemline look like such an effortlessly chic princess? Whether pulled off in silk, chiffon, wool, denim or otherwise, this unbearably fabulous look is wearable, sexy, and glam without a hint of that odious I-try-too-hard factor. Worn with the shorter part to the side or in the front, you can’t go wrong. Where to score yours? Look around, dolls. I guarantee you will find the right one.

Free People skirt ON SALE for $68 at

Need Supply Co "Buttercup Skirt" ON SALE for 32.99

Urban Outfitters, "Sparkle & Fade High/Low Skirt"

New Obsession: Face Oil

You might have caught that article in August Vogue about the amazing Linda Rodin and her magical face oil. If not, I suggest you check it out here. I’ve been enamored with Rodin and her whole philosophy on skincare since I interviewed her this past Spring for a story. When we spoke about her olio lusso for the face, I admit I was wary. Though my teen years are long gone, I still suffer through embarrassing and frustrating acne breakouts from time to time. Linda assured me that the oil helps to return all skin to a lovely place between taut and soft. Acne, wrinkles, and redness beware.

Nab your bottle at

A 1 fluid ounce bottle of Olio Lusso will set you back $140, but I guarantee you, it’s worth the price tag. If you have any skin problems whatsoever (don’t we all?) you will benefit from this oil. Since I started using one to drops a night, my skin has been glowing like never before. However, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to the best of the best, here’s a second choice that’s not too shabby. Shine on, my pretty little things!

Bobbi Brown "Extra" Face Oil,, $60

New Obsession: Cole Haan Fall Shoes

I will preface this one by telling you that I am not an ankle boot person. I find them wimpy, clunky, and frankly unflattering in most cases. Season after season, I’ve watched my friends and favorite fashion icons parade around in booties and thought,“Tsk, tsk.You think you look good, but you would look better in something else!”, $328

Well, if anyone can prove a shoe girl wrong, it’s Cole Haan. This season, the brand puts forth stylish heels that ever-so-casually cling to the very fringe of booty-dom. I am obsessed. I nabbed these black ones the second day they entered stores and am literally counting down the minutes until I can finally incorporate them in an outfit. (Fall, I’m not quite ready for you, but with these shoes, I just might get there). In addition to black leather, they also come in “maple sugar suede,” a lovely brown leather, and a punchy blue suede. Talk about your blue suede shoes! But then…, $328

Today, I was cruising the Teen Vogue blogs and came across these delightful eye-poppers from the brand. Directly on-trend with the laceless holes, Oxford aesthetic, and chunky heel, I love how the Cole Haan version pushes the envelope with these bold color choices. While they may not make for the same great long-term investment as my black ones, these are a conversation-starting pair that will brighten up your darkest fall day, and they’re comfortable to boot!

New obsession: Need Supply Co.

"Un Peu De Femme" one current lookbook theme at Need Supply Co

The little bro and I have a push-pull teasing scheme set up around our respective shopping issues. He’s been known to breeze into Barneys after a bad (or good!) day, and clean up with a few hundred tossed carelessly onto his store charge. Recently, after a particularly disapproving comment from yours truly, he retorted that I do just as much unnecessary damage, I just tend to stick to the comfort of my computer. Talk about an “A-ha!” moment; the kid was right. I’m a bona fide online shopping junkie and my click control hovers dangerously on the edge. Trolling the internet in search of designer goods for less, or big sales at Urban or American where I don’t need to feel guilty in the slightest is a treasured pastime of mine. What’s a dot-com shopaholic to do? Only go clicking on a set schedule: the first Monday of the month, for example. Shop brands you’re familiar with–at least vaguely. Size up if the damn reviews tell you to. And most importantly, find a site you can actually (for the most part!) afford. My new obsession:

The super-cool site pulls from a smattering of designers at the low end of the price spectrum, offering awesome duds that won’t break the bank. Everything is crafted with exceptional, expensive-looking details and it’s all directly on trend. No matter what current favorites are on your must-buy list, I guarantee you will find it here for less than you were planning to spend. The best part about the site is its offbeat, vintage-inspired blog that serves as an endless source of fashion-world info, bits and bobs of interest, and beautiful photos. Here are some of my top picks from Need Supply Co.’s current collections. What are yours?

My Pet Square "Cry Baby" dress in pale pink silk, ON SALE for $122

Aztec scarf, $20

"Dahlia" red suede pump by Dolce Vita, $115

Long Sleeve Sheer Button shirt, $44.

Crew neck cotton dress with longer hem in back by LNA, $140.