Back in the Act

If you thought this sweet little blog was dying, you were not alone. I, too, had my doubts. With so much more interest in the bridal blog and a slew of deadlines upon me (not to mention, you know, getting married) it’s been a crazy fall.

But now that my brand-new husband and I are settled in our new home just outside Washington, DC, and I am no longer working full-time… it’s back.


Many things have changed, but you know… Dolce still hangs out in boxes.

Sparkles and Fun has been my little running diary, starting in the always-cold apartment on 100th street where I used to type away into the wee hours after working a full day (more than a full day) as a publicist. It’s been an outlet for exciting news on the fashion and beauty fronts, and even some of my adventures in cooking. (I’ve gotten better, Mom. I swear!). I am just not willing to give up on the glitter! Moving forward we will be stepping it up. Stay tuned for plenty of sparkles, and lots more fun.


Pressing Pause on your Dreams

Sometimes I look at this blog on days when writing just doesn’t seem to be a possibility. I want to add something, but I can’t do it. When I’m on assignment for a website or magazine, I can always turn it out. The writing is good, it’s on time, and it brings in the money. But with my own personal, precious blog, I do experience a bit of writer’s block from time to time. Mostly it’s just a sense of worry. Will the words be silly? Will they matter to the readers? Is anyone reading this anyway?

Recently I was turned down for a freelance writing project I wanted very badly. It was a sad day in Jensyville. I read and re-read the writing sample I had submitted many times. I knew it was good. It just wasn’t the right voice for the publication. These are the types of setbacks that everyone goes through, but I was very angry with myself. Why didn’t I get it right? Had I not paid enough attention to the specifics of the assignment? Would I ever be able to elevate my voice to tackle items aimed at a different audience? Should that even be a goal?

Le Grand Sigh. These are tough questions. I don’t have all the answers yet and I don’t know if I ever will. But when you hear no, the knee-jerk reaction can sometimes be to stop trying. I wallowed in my grief over the lost assignment for a few days, and admittedly abandoned this blog. I just felt down, and didn’t see the point. I put everything on pause.

But then I remembered what an old professor at Middlebury once told me:

“If you want to be a great writer, you must write.”

And so that is what I will do.

The thing is, finding success as a writer is one of those things that I believe I will be working at for a very long time indeed. It won’t end when I lose interest in lip gloss, celebrities, or bridal magazines. (Though I doubt I will ever lose interest in those things!) It will be my life’s work and I am okay with that. In fact, I am great with that.

You must work through obstacles, whether big-picture anxieties or simple cat-on-keyboard roadblocks.

Wouldn’t you know that a mere week after suffering the loss of this potential opportunity, another one came along, and I got it? I have a wonderful, challenging, exciting new project on the horizon and I am so pleased.

Friends, the only person who has a true, limitless, unwavering interest in your personal and professional success is you. If you let yourself down, who else is there to fix it? So, if you want to be writer, you must write. Whatever it is that you want, you must do it. Do not press pause on your dreams, now, tomorrow, or ever.

Resolutions for a New Me

Do you all feel the pressure? It’s the first week of the new year and it’s time to assess what mistakes we’ve made and figure out how to make better choices in 2012. My personal resolutions follow a new and different trend this year than last. Before, I was very concerned with eating in a healthier way, drinking plenty of water, and spending more time listening than speaking. I’m glad I made those decisions at this time last year, and they’ve certainly paid off. I’ve lost some weight, am feeling generally healthier, and have forged new friendships with amazing people due to my adherence to the listening plan.

But this year–can I say this??–it’s more about me. I am ready to embrace the things about myself that I want to improve for personal gain. I hate to really admit this in a public space, but I have (finally) realized after a slew of downs (yes, there were ups, but mostly there were downs in 2011), that I need to commit to myself or no one else will. It is time to kick that novel into high gear and get it done. It is time to moisturize every single night without making a single excuse. It is time to preserve myself even if it means cutting out people who are not there for the right reasons.

On New Year’s Eve and in the days before, I spoke to many people who were absolutely certain that this year is going to better than the last. Socially, economically, personally. Whichever motivations fuel you, you should follow them. You should believe wholeheartedly that this is your year. I know that this is my year, and I am going to do whatever it takes to shine. Not for anyone else, but for the girl in the mirror. It’s time for me to make me proud. I hope you all are working diligently on your own dreams, and remembering that you owe yourself the best that you have. If you build it, they will come. Let’s build it. This is our year.

Moving Forward

Friends, today is officially my last day at the “day job.” A bit terrified, mostly excited, I am embarking on a new journey and I wanted to share this development with you.

Today, a step back from the fashion and the beauty for a moment to talk about the fun. It can be very difficult being a twenty-something in this crazy city. Cabs are expensive and the subways are hot and packed. The best and most exciting products, the finest foods and most delicious wines are tempting you from shop and restaurant windows at every turn. You can’t afford most of it, but you stop and splurge when and where you can. People can be unreliable. “Friends” can have motives that you might not discover right away. Life can be taxing and hectic and a little scary at times. But this is the time to have fun.

I reached a point at which I felt I could give no more to my day job; I knew that I had goals within reach that deserved my focus. Right now, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who care and want only the best things for me. This is the time to take a leap. I am excited to hone my skills, discover new things, and start really believing in me. Thank you all for sticking with me on this crazy journey, and stay tuned for updates on what is next for Jensy. I can guarantee it will be fun… and sparkly!