Legging Lovers Anonymous


About a year and a half ago, I was temping at a not-so-hot fashion company in New York City, where the theme of the clothes is overpriced hooker wear and the office wardrobe for all was head-to-toe black. I worked the front reception desk during fashion week while emaciated, nasal-toned Jersey Girls who typically did nothing more than that shot nasty glances on their way out the door en route to appointments and shows. They felt extraordinarily superior. Whatever.

I was a confident 26-year-old who had chosen to leave my high-stress PR job in order to free up time for writing, ruminating and just living. It was my choice to temp around NYC at various fashion brands while I looked for something permanent that I loved. But when bitchy fashion girls take it up a notch from scoffing to actually talking sh*t, it can hurt.

When I heard two of them in the bathroom one day talking about my outfit, I nearly died! I was wearing a long-sleeved silk tunic from Joie with black leggings and a pair of Cole Haan black booties. I actually kind of felt cute that morning.

“I can’t believe she’s wearing leggings to work. Ew!”

“Yeah, leggings are so totally over.”

We had to wear head-to-toe black every single. I have plenty of black, but you try it without whipping out a pair of leggings from time! I was sad. I did not wear leggings again to that job, and these days I tend to only wear them on the weekends.


This is the fun material of the top I’m wearing today. Those metallic threads are sewn right into the fabric!

Recently, I’ve lost about ten pounds. This morning, feeling narrower than I have in a while, I decided to sport an oversized glittery French Connection top to work. My black pants are at the dry cleaner, and jeans just didn’t seem to work. I slipped on some leggings, thinking, “I’ll throw a black mini over these.” But you know what? With the addition of shiny gray flats and some chunky jewelry, I actually loved the look.


… and these are today’s leggings, which Urban still carries. So I know I’m not alone! BDG high waisted leggings, urbanoutfitters.com.

Those bitchy fashion girls can laugh all they want, but on this particularly gray day in the great state of Texas, I’m miles away from their nasty stares. And hey, I bet I look a lot cuter in my leggings than they do in their overpriced hooker dresses. Fin.


Winter Florals

Is anyone else feeling dark and floral these days? I love a good summer dress, and sometimes in winter months I long for that fun pop of pretty that a flower print can bring to your look. The solution? I’ve been integrating my favorite summer florals into my winter wear in new and inventive ways. So far, seems to be working!

Yesterday, I sported my favorite little Betsey Johnson acquisition from this summer, a black spaghetti strap mini dress with all-over pink flowers. To winterize and dress it down, I layered it over thick black Wolford cotton velvet tights and a 3/4 sleeve black tee. On my feet, I wore my new favorites–a pair of velvet Tory Burch smoking loafers that are as comfy as slippers and as chic as everything you’ve been coveting from the magazines this season. The compliments rolled in!

Here are some winterized florals for you to check out. Would you rock this trend?

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Keeping Cute in the Cold

Guys, I am so cold I really can’t stand it. This morning I actually took a cab from the subway–that’s how insurmountable the five-block walk to work seemed. Truth be told, this was not the first time I’ve done it. I am not dressed today for cold weather. I had a business lunch and was trying to do the cute professional thing, but I consider it a fail if the outfit doesn’t work for the forecast. This is today’s look (And no, I am not the cute blonde model– I grabbed the pic on urbanoutfitters.com). I absolutely adore this little sheath. It fits beautifully and accentuates all my best features, concealing the rest. But warm, it is not. At all. For good measure, I threw on a pair of Wolford Cotton Velvet tights, but even they aren’t saving me from this silken disaster.

Yellow Is Gold silk dress, around $60, urbanoutfitters.com
And the shoes… Good gracious, the shoes. I won’t even post a picture of the shoes because you will all shun me. They are suede Cole Haan penny loafter stilettos with patent detailing. Black. So infinitely chic but the farthest thing from comfortable. Not to mention that they are a full size too small and a width setting too narrow. But they were on “Deep Sale” as Mom would say, a couple of seasons ago at Saks. And I love them. So there you have it. For outerwear I threw on an old, fur-detailed, hooded puffer of my mom’s. Doesn’t exactly go with the outfit but it is warm enough. Outerwear is never really my problem, though. The issue lies with what lies beneath.
Tomorrow there is a massive storm predicted, and even in the absense of snow, it is seriously time to bundle up. When I got to my lunch today, the girl I was meeting was dressed in a cropped puffer, a warm tee, comfy yet cute pants, and flat boots. She didn’t look sloppy or bored or tired. She looked WARM and fantastic. Now, if you subscribe to my “if you’re not overdressed, then you’re underdressed” law, you would probably be more comfortable in something else. Let’s explore.

For the Skinny Minis:

This beige Jenny Han sweater dress is kind of a steal, all things considered. $140 on revolveclothing.com. The puff detail at the shoulder is girly yet the length and figure-forming silhouette amp up the sex appeal. Probably not a look for the office, but if you’re super tiny and have some great opaque leggings to throw on with it, why not? We’re only young once…

Bananarepublic.com; $90

For the Average Jane:

Banana Republic is such a great option for work clothes, and I think these gray winter wool trousers are a perfect fit for colder days like this. For the gal without too much “junk in the trunk,” the waist and the back pocket detail are perfect. Throw on a great top and a blazer with these and you will be good to go.

For the Curvy Cutie:

I think the curvier girls will develop a true passion for pants by slipping into these “Boy Fit” trousers from the Gap–paired with whatever makes you feel warm and comfy, like a cardigan and a ton of necklaces. All of the Gap premium pants come in sizes 00 to 20, but in these you can go down a size or even two. They offer a great, slouchy fit that tapers at the bottom to accentuate the leg, making it look longer and leaner. They also won’t let wind whip you from the ankle up, and they’re even on sale right now at gap.com for $49.99!
For the Plus Size Princess:

This faux fur vest from Forever 21 is a great option for the office or for meeting up with friends. It allows you to complete the outfit without DYING of heat indoors, but provides a layer of warmth too so you aren’t just hanging out in a cotton tee. I love how this one comes with a built-in belt, but you can also do it un-belted, loose, and pair with a long necklace. I actually love her whole outfit; all pieces available on forever21.com.

Our bodies might need unique treatment and styles, but every gal loves a perfect shoe–and this Aquatalia by Marvin K. one is it! They are an absolute, undeniable splurge at $495, but endless.com offers free shipping. 🙂
Wonderful for the snow, waterproof and warm, and somehow sexy without even trying? Yes, please! Now, if only our entire budgets could be forked over for footwear. Sigh…