Sunday Afternoon & A Couple of Vogues

Yesterday Josh decided to play tennis in the afternoon, so I decided to go to the gym. And then I decided to instead give myself an afternoon off and indulge in my greatest dual pleasure–sunshine and fashion. I leashed the dog and headed to our rooftop, getting some much-needed color on my blindingly white legs and flipping through this and last month’s Vogues (it’s been a busy eight weeks!), along with an Us Weekly and the latest Martha Stewart Living. Heaven!


I dog-eared some chic spreads, ripped out a cool recipe, and happily watched my pup catch some sun-soaked Z’s. Sure, I prefer when Josh is around because anything with him nearby is more fun than not. But it was still lovely.

When you have two free hours on a Sunday afternoon, what do you love to do with them?


New Obsession: Face Oil

You might have caught that article in August Vogue about the amazing Linda Rodin and her magical face oil. If not, I suggest you check it out here. I’ve been enamored with Rodin and her whole philosophy on skincare since I interviewed her this past Spring for a story. When we spoke about her olio lusso for the face, I admit I was wary. Though my teen years are long gone, I still suffer through embarrassing and frustrating acne breakouts from time to time. Linda assured me that the oil helps to return all skin to a lovely place between taut and soft. Acne, wrinkles, and redness beware.

Nab your bottle at

A 1 fluid ounce bottle of Olio Lusso will set you back $140, but I guarantee you, it’s worth the price tag. If you have any skin problems whatsoever (don’t we all?) you will benefit from this oil. Since I started using one to drops a night, my skin has been glowing like never before. However, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to the best of the best, here’s a second choice that’s not too shabby. Shine on, my pretty little things!

Bobbi Brown "Extra" Face Oil,, $60

There is a God (At least a God of Fashion…)

We all love designers. We love to flip through Vogue and hold onto pipe dreams that these glorious items might someday be ours. And hey, once in a while there is nothing more fabulous than dumping your whole paycheck out in order to acquire the perfect Prada shoe, Giorgio Armani blazer, etc. But for all those other times in between, when you need something cheap, easy, and chic, where to turn? Why, H&M of course.

Here is the problem. There are so many locations (at least in New York), each one stocks different items, different unit amounts of the most popular items, and it’s so popular, that when you are looking for one specific thing it can take three or four trips to find it! I remember with crystal clarity the first time I tried to shop on I kept clicking different thing, trying to outsmart the site and find the loophole that would allow me to click on something, drag it into a shopping bag, and see it in my mailbox a few days later. No dice. Like a test rat, I’ve gone back many times just to see. Just to check and see if maybe one capsule collection or somethingwas available for online purchase. Still, the sad truth that America’s favorite cheap-and-chic retailer has no online shopping component. Until… now!

Well, not “now,” exactly. We still have to wait a while, but penny-pinching fashionistas, get excited! It was announced this week that as of the 2011-2012 year shift, H&M will finally join its competitors in the arena of online shopping. The possibilities are endless, the prices are right, and this girl can’t wait to spend that lunch break snapping up the cute little $19 basics and fabulous party dresses in the right size with the click of a button–no crowds, no lines, and no drama. And now, with so many exciting new options from H&M–like their sustainable collection, top designer collaborations, and tres fashionable footwear, I think we should all start saving up today!