Another Hot Day in Texas


Red lips and massive sunnies serve as a great summer accessory pairing for any casual dress.

As my East Coast friends post endlessly on Facebook about the ridiculous temps, I can’t help but think, Now you know my pain! When we landed in Texas, Josh and I had been warned about the summers but we figured we’d get through it by racing from one air conditioned space to the next. And so far, we have. But yesterday… oy!

This jet-setter (I’ve been to two weddings on the East Coast in two weekends, and arrived home super-late this past Sunday evening) did not feel like a dress Monday morning. Instead she reached for the only clean jeans around, a skin-tight pair with polka dots. Being gone the past two weekends also means being out of dry cleaned and/or recently washed summer tops so it was slim pickings. I ended up in a white Theory button-down (long sleeves) with a black American Apparel tee over it. Ferragamo skimmers.

I nearly died.

The more I’ve looked around my dress code-free office in recent weeks, the grander my “Toto, you’re not in Manhattan anymore” realization has become. There is no need to wear endless mounds of black, smart little shoes, and very carefully curated hemlines. While I miss the daily runway show of Wang, Posen, et al. on the New York City subway each morning, it is more than a little bit freeing to know that I am now fully justified in showing up at work in a little, breezy sundress and platforms, or even (gasp) shorts.

No, the shorts have not happened yet. If you’ve ever seen me in shorts, you know that my collection belongs nowhere near a professional environment. I will likely need to purchase a longer pair before I can show up at work in them. And, um, I don’t really want to do that!


This liquid jersey maxi from J Crew is a lovely choice for the office or the weekend. But, lose the hat! ON SALE for $55,

So, to keep things classy, I’ve been reaching mainly for sweet sundresses and comfortable flats or platforms. I’m also loving the look of a black or gray cocktail dress in an airy chiffon or silk, paired with great heels and a cardigan. And while the walk from the parking garage to the inner sanctum of this frigid building remains grueling, at least it’s hot enough (everywhere) in Texas that you don’t mind baring your legs in the AC. That delicate balance is one thing I definitely don’t miss about home.

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Tuck a shirt into a longer pair of shorts and swap out her flats for a pair of heels. You will look fantastic! Caslon shorts,, ON SALE for $29.90


Jonesing for a splurge? These amazing graphic stilettos in black and white from Manolo Blahnik are just to thing to amp up your summer duds and keep you utterly on-trend for fall. $655,


Muggy Weather Fashion

It has been ridiculously humid in New York this summer; just one more reason this sparkle girl is glad to work from home. I’m loving all the braids, bows and creative ponies that keep hair under wraps and de-frizzified. But what about the clothes?

Dressing for this weather can be a total pain. Here are some ideas:

Cotton Babydoll Dress

A ladylike cotton dress with a full skirt will keep you cool and cute at the same time. Plus, it won’t cling if you sweat a little. Peter Pan color, puffed sleeves and a pair of pumps make this simple fashion statement scream, “Style!”

Cutoffs are Everywhere!

If ever there were a time for short shorts, this summer is it. Keep your cutoffs classy by pairing with a billowing top… and flat shoes only need apply for a position with this outfit.

Peep this:

YES, you can wear a lace top with nothing beneath save a bra. But! Try a demure skinny jean like hers in candy pink to balance the look and keep yourself from appearing too naked.

Comfy Cuties

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about how to be comfy and cute at the same time, but I wanted to throw out a little refresher course for those of you with no weekend plans and a a stirring desire not to lounge on the couch in sweats for 48 hours straight. It used to be so simple, right? That moment between 2002 and 2007 when tossing on SoLow pants and a t-shirt or a full-on Juicy jumpsuit made you comfortable and glam at the exact same time? Those days are over, but there is a new comfy cute that really works. How to do it without trying too hard (or not enough)? Read on.

Preppy Comfy Cute:

If you used to rock ripped jeans and your boyfriend’s old Oxford, try this instead.

Do not be intimidated by her platforms. You can achieve the same look with loafers. All she’s done is thrown an old sweater and a necklace over a loose-fitting blouse and put on trousers. This outfit takes two minutes to put together, and she can race around town in it easily.

Girly Comfy Cute:

If you’re obsessed with anything floral, lacy, or generally pretty, try this.

Nothing is more effortless or more instantly pretty than a floaty, floral sundress. You can also eat whatever you want it this without popping a button. Hers is from Free People; stock up on a few now and wear them all summer long thrown over a bathing suit with some flip flops and a pair of pink shades. Done!

Glammy Comfy Cute:

If you used to wear platforms or tons of jewelry with your Juicy jumpsuits, try this. 

Glam girls, stay true to your roots with sequined leggings. They feel just like other leggings, but they look more like you. Spray painted oversized tank tops, bright baseball caps and chunky jewelry are easy add-ons that you’ll feel comfy in, but will speak to your inner goddess of glamour.

The Season of the Black Tight Returns?

Uh oh, people. Is it that time again? Though the black tight is officially my favorite wardrobe staple, I surprised even myself upon slipping into a pair this morning before heading out to face this cold and rainy day. Summer sun should return by the end of the week, but in the meantime, a few ideas for awkward August weather… 

Crocheted dress, khaki blazer, neautral booties and hat say city girl on the go!
A few holes never hurt anyone! Love the vintage tee and messy hair too.
Think pink! Rosy lace, a striped tee, and girly nails and hair accessories soften the black tight choice for late summer

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