Expert Makeup Tips: A Glamour Editor Weighs In


Gorgeous, glowing skin is such a coveted commodity… but it’s not easy for everyone. Many of us watch television commercials with eyes glazed over, wondering if we are supposed to be buying each product that’s pushed for women our age.

Here to help you decode the mystery is author and Glamour Magazine Editor Andrea Pomerantz Lustig. She has shared her advice on shows including The Today Show, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight and E! News. In her book “How To Look Expensive” Andrea shares some of celebs most secret beauty weapons of choice. (Buy it here).

She asserts that you can have celebrity-quality skin on a budget. Tell me more!


Andrea suggests using a cleanser twice daily– once in the morning and again before going to bed. She likes products “without the drying surfactant (soap) ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate that do not strip your skin and make even oily skin feel dry.” Try Le Couvent Des Minimes: Rinse-off Cleansing Cream $17

Apply moisturizer daily in the morning and before going to bed. Pick a cream that has anti-oxidants to replenish and revive the skin. Try Skin & Co. Roma: Truffle Gommage Anti-Aging Face Exfoliating Cream $32

If your moisturizer does not contain an SPF, make sure to always apply a sunscreen on top of your moisturizer to prevent pre-mature aging – yes, event in the winter! Pop this stick in your purse for all-day, on-the-go protection – Sun Bum: Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 30 $10

For more awesome tips on looking expensive, check out Andrea’s fab book!


Try Something New: Bye Bye Blackheads


we love keeping easy-to-use beauty products on-hand for weekend adventures, like our anniversary staycation in dallas this july.

Summer does a number on my skin. You, too? And the frequency with which you wash your face is something that needs to be carefully planned. Over-washing or excessive exfoliating can end up leaving you even more blackhead- and pimple-prone than before. Sigh!


But if you’ve got those pesky black spots and need a quick fix, this beauty blogger highly recommends a blackhead removing wipe. Joey New York offers a fantastic addition to their blackhead-geared line of products. And it doesn’t get any easier than a wipe you can take on-the-go. Infused with Young Green Coconut Water that’s packed with potent antioxidants and essential minerals, these soothing wipes store easily in your purse or beach bag and help improve the look of your skin. You’ll find a decrease in the appearance of blackheads, tightening of your pores, skin hydration and even makeup removal in one awesome sweep.

clearskinI highly recommend the entire line of skin aids from Joey New York, and these are a great place to start. You can purchase a pack for only $18 here or here

Treat Your Face

Close-up of beautiful faceAs you can imagine, I have tested myriad face products in my day, and there are countless ones left on the imminent and eventual roster. But this month I’ve discovered a really cool line from the makers of Proactiv, called Rodin and Fields after the doctors who created it. The products I like most are aimed at women in their 20’s and 30’s who are suffering from the onset of wrinkles. Hello and welcome to my 28-year-old madness.

Let’s start from the lips up. I honestly don’t believe we give our lips enough love, which you can read more about here. The lip serum is a lovely, antioxidant-rich product that comes in capsule form. You apply to your lips to help them retain their natural moisturizing factors, while smoothing the texture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. I use it at night and even as of Morning One, I noticed a plumper appearance and ultra smooth finish on my pout. The REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum comes in a package of 60 capsules for a mere $53 and you can purchase here.

redefineAnother of this acne-prone girl’s favorite standout products from the line is the UNBLEMISH Spot Fading Toner. In addition to helping clear up the bumps you have now, it aids in the healing of your skin to help fade the marks that former breakouts left behind. This has been a big problem for me in recent months and I’m glad to find a solution that is finally working!

sootheI could carry on and on about this incredible product line, but here are the basics of what you need to know. It was developed by dermatologists who understand the delicate balance of your skin and create each product with real improvement in mind. The mid-range pricing makes it easier on the wallet than a lot of the designer skincare regimens out there, and the solid results I’ve seen from these products in a few short weeks has me going back for more.

You can hook up with a specialist through their website. I highly recommend mine, Ursula Fahrendorff whom you can reach by email at

From soothing to enhancing, unblemishing to reversing the effects of aging, there is a suite of products for your every need, and plenty of ways to mix-and-match. Check out their site today and start getting your face, neck, and hands back to their former glory.

On Summer Skin & Other Things

Thrilled about the onset of summer? You’re not alone. But while you look forward to tan legs extending out of short shorts, gelato dripping down the sides of a cone, and brunches that last hours while the easy breeze floats on by, your skin is entering panic mode. Let’s be kind and take a listen.

Sunscreen is important all year round, but especially from June to September. If you’re beach-bound, you must also remember that hazardous rays reflect off the sand and back onto your pretty face, meaning you have wrinkle-enhancers coming at you from multiple angles. Get yours prepped and protected with some of my favorite products:



If there’s ever an excuse to splurge on product, the health of your skin is a great choice. I adore CHANEL’s UV Essential Broad Spectrum SPF 50 for the face. This powerhouse product blends in smooth and creamy for an instantly moisturizing feel. It goes on to protect your face from the dangerous rays of the sun all day long. Also serving as a protectant against free radicals and pollution, this oil-free, lightweight sunscreen is an excellent choice for city girls. My face sees it every morning, first thing, all summer long.


Moisture Surge CC cream, $35,

Shellacking on the makeup is another opportunity to improve the health and tone of your skin. But try lightening up and ditching your heavy winter foundation as the temperature rises. If you haven’t settled on a BB or CC cream yet, now is the time to experiment. Ask the cosmetics girls at the counter for testers; most brands are pushing these right now and should have samples for you to try. The idea is to find a product that helps improve your skintone while delivering minimal coverage and a healing effect. I’m really into this Moisture Surge CC cream from Clinique right now.


starting at $84,

Got a burn? Don’t fret, my pretty. Every girl messes up sometimes. My oft-tested and 100%-approved method for healing skin post-sun is Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Night Serum. You should be using this product anyway; I have recommended it to countless women who all report back with glowing reviews–and skin to match. I’ve been known to slather on this product periodically throughout the day when suffering from a sunburn, and it works actual miracles. Trust.


a true obsession of mine… $9.50,

Complement your gorgeous summer skin with a fresh lip color or shiny balm. Remember that the skin on your lips is susceptible to damage and burns just like elsewhere on your face; invest in a good product with SPF to keep your pout perfect.

PS. Your summer complexion is a canvas for all the exciting makeup trends you’ve been dying to try. But remember you can look just as gorg by keeping things simple. My favorite thing about summer is the freedom that comes with deciding whether to amp up the volume on my eye makeup or keep it really clean and natural with just a coat of mascara. Have fun! And make sure that beautiful tan is faux.

New Obsession: Face Oil

You might have caught that article in August Vogue about the amazing Linda Rodin and her magical face oil. If not, I suggest you check it out here. I’ve been enamored with Rodin and her whole philosophy on skincare since I interviewed her this past Spring for a story. When we spoke about her olio lusso for the face, I admit I was wary. Though my teen years are long gone, I still suffer through embarrassing and frustrating acne breakouts from time to time. Linda assured me that the oil helps to return all skin to a lovely place between taut and soft. Acne, wrinkles, and redness beware.

Nab your bottle at

A 1 fluid ounce bottle of Olio Lusso will set you back $140, but I guarantee you, it’s worth the price tag. If you have any skin problems whatsoever (don’t we all?) you will benefit from this oil. Since I started using one to drops a night, my skin has been glowing like never before. However, if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to the best of the best, here’s a second choice that’s not too shabby. Shine on, my pretty little things!

Bobbi Brown "Extra" Face Oil,, $60