Booties for All

I’ve always been anti-ankle boot. Throughout my teens and early 20’s I found the style tended to truncate the leg, making women look shorter and thicker– who wants that? But it’s always been one of those things I wanted to like, so I’m thrilled that with this year’s moto boot, it’s happening. Bonus: these short boots inherently use less leather than high styles, so they often cost much less than standard boots of the same brand.


Hers are from Giorgio Armani. Photo from

In desperate need of black boots, I hightailed it to Bloomie’s on Monday and was sad to discover that the only pair of high boots I liked were over a thousand dollars. Oops. However, tons of shorter styles were everywhere, so I decided to try them.

In my quest, I discovered that I personally do not like anything with too much hardware, or a label. That ruled out Tory Burch, Marc by Marc, and a few others. But I did find a pair from Kelsi Dagger for a reasonable $200 that I loved. When I slipped them on, I noticed the looser style actually made my legs look thinner–not quite swimming in there but plenty of room and easy to tuck jeans into. With leggings? Perfection.

Sadly, my favorite pair were too large and there were none left a size down, but I promptly found a similar style on the website and had them overnighted. Can’t wait to try them on! Here are some styles you might want to try:


Suede with fringe brings a fun, cowgirl-esque appeal. Sam Edelman “Louie” booties, $160,


Rough-and-ready with buckles and a solid construction. Frye “Valerie” sheepskin moto boots with shearling lining, $428,


A hidden wedge adds subtle height. Nine West “Metalina” booties, $109,


Full of Lace

Thank you

The word is out: this season’s go-to fabric of choice is lace. And aren’t you lucky that it looks good on everyone, and can be found within every budget? Flipping through all the September magazines, it’s hard to find one not featuring a lace story. I’ve always been a girly girl and am thrilled to know that I’ll be on-trend while rocking one of my favorite fabrics this fall. Let’s discuss.

Get Leggy

Elegance is easy when you throw a cotton dress on with lacy leggings or tights. Here are some high-low options:


Kiki De Monparnasse nuit lace leggings,, $495


American Apparel stretch floral lace stirrup legging,, $42

Long Story Short:
A long sleeved mini dress will always work, and this seasonless classic goes day-to-night effortlessly.

Marchesa embellished stretch-silk and lace dress,, $3,995


Rare 60's lace swing dress,, $102.45. Leggings or black tights could turn this into a dress instantly. Gorgeous! And red lace is all the rage.

Top it Off:

If you’re a shy girl, you can rock the trend with a simple lacy top. Here are some ideas.


Ladylike and glamorous with a vintage feel. L'Wren Scott houndstooth lace shirt,, $1,875


O'Neil truly blush pink lace top,, $46

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself…

Truth time. I had a moment the other day while leisurely spending an hour or so in front of the bathroom mirror analyzing the state of things. Pores, lines, irritations, split ends, etc. I found something deeply disturbing and I am sharing it with you now, dear readers, because the goal of this blog is to be honest. Three sad little hairs poked out at the crown among the deeper browns, the ash browns, and the few precious golden strands. They were not brown or blond or even amber… they were silver. A color I love so dearly in any other context, now rendered gut-wrenching, shocking, and tragic. Taken over by vanity and impulsiveness, I reached for my tweezer and took care of the situation instantly, at least for now. The most troubling thing is not that I found a few gray hairs. I am 26 and it could be a lot worse. But what really gets me is my golden rule about hair accessories, and I’m concerned I might have to rethink it, or sadly start to follow it.

Adore this sequined wrap
from Eugenia King, $99,

Headwear is an essential part of my wardrobe. It’s the accessory I love more than anything. Belts are great but leave me frustrated and uncomfortable by day’s end, and look simply awkard if loosened. Bags are wonderful but don’t remain a part of the outfit once you’ve sat down at the desk or the dinner table. Shoes are sexy but seasonal and (sometimes) painful after a while. But the headband, the glorious headband, is the perfect accessory to polish off any look. It can hide day-old hair, masque roots, and elevate any outfit to a new level. I have so many and am always acquiring more. Just last weekend in Utah I picked up a fabulous one with a huge rabbit fur bow on it. As someone who doesn’t typically sway toward the avant garde in clothing items, I like using headwear to make a statement, without having to reach too far outside of my comfort zone. What’s the problem, then?

With Pookie at a casual engagement party
last summer… this is a favorite of mine in
mint green glass beads.

About a year ago I saw a woman on the subway who was starting to turn gray. Her outfit was chic but she wore a headband–complete with a large side bow–and with those gray streaks poking through, the look was just off. Something about it made me sort of sad. It was an attempt at a youthful look, I think, and it just was not working. I vowed then and there that if ever (!) my hair should turn in that direction, I would ditch the headbands. But I never imagined I would find myself at the crossroads so early in my fashion journey. Three measly strands is nothing to head to the colorist over, right? But if I reach the point where I need to start coloring to cover, what of it then? In short, I am bringing out the headgear in full effect while I still can. Sprinkled throughout this post are some of my favorites from my own collection. And some you need to get to the store and purchase ASAP.


Sometimes the simple addition of a
satin ribbon as headband is perfect
This is a big, floppy cotton bow and it always yields compliments…



And here is Pookie in my big, floppy bow


New Year’s Eve 2009 in a net-ribbon-bead-pearl extravaganza
nabbed at Nordstrom’s (and my friend’s hat was pretty
great too, right?) What a night!


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