Anne Hathaway: My beautiful neighbor

Joshy and I were walking in our neighborhood toward home the other afternoon and witnessed celebrity obsession at its worst–a horde of paparazzi swirling down York Street on motorcycles and foot, all attempting to get a photo of a rail-thin, large-sunglass-wearing actress with her arm in a sling and a hunk to her left.

I met her once when I was working on Fifth Avenue. She asked me for what she was looking for; her voice and her affect were gentle and sweet. I fell in love. Anne is major Girl Crush Material.

Are you loving the outfit? I’ve never seen an injured arm look so great!

Back to Sunday, the way these nutty photogs aggressively shouted things at Hathaway and her love Adam Shulman, and the urgency with which they scooted around the street to get the photo, saddened our hearts a little. Joshy was confused. Why was the actress wearing a massive hat and sunglasses? I explained that it was Sunday morning, and the poor thing was probably trying to shield a tired and unmade-up face (something we should all be free to sport on Sunday mornings) from the harsh click of a stranger’s camera.

I will say this about the inimitable Miss Anne though. The girl can work a maxi. I have never seen a celebrity look so chic on her day off. And while DUMBO is filled with lovely women in sun hats and overpriced sunglasses, I can assure you that with or without the swarms of paparazzi, we would have recognized her star power from miles away.

She is so beautiful.