Booties for All

I’ve always been anti-ankle boot. Throughout my teens and early 20’s I found the style tended to truncate the leg, making women look shorter and thicker– who wants that? But it’s always been one of those things I wanted to like, so I’m thrilled that with this year’s moto boot, it’s happening. Bonus: these short boots inherently use less leather than high styles, so they often cost much less than standard boots of the same brand.


Hers are from Giorgio Armani. Photo from

In desperate need of black boots, I hightailed it to Bloomie’s on Monday and was sad to discover that the only pair of high boots I liked were over a thousand dollars. Oops. However, tons of shorter styles were everywhere, so I decided to try them.

In my quest, I discovered that I personally do not like anything with too much hardware, or a label. That ruled out Tory Burch, Marc by Marc, and a few others. But I did find a pair from Kelsi Dagger for a reasonable $200 that I loved. When I slipped them on, I noticed the looser style actually made my legs look thinner–not quite swimming in there but plenty of room and easy to tuck jeans into. With leggings? Perfection.

Sadly, my favorite pair were too large and there were none left a size down, but I promptly found a similar style on the website and had them overnighted. Can’t wait to try them on! Here are some styles you might want to try:


Suede with fringe brings a fun, cowgirl-esque appeal. Sam Edelman “Louie” booties, $160,


Rough-and-ready with buckles and a solid construction. Frye “Valerie” sheepskin moto boots with shearling lining, $428,


A hidden wedge adds subtle height. Nine West “Metalina” booties, $109,


Black and white and red all over!

How to summer-up your nighttime outfit without the need of florals, beige stilettos, or a white leather bag? Why, with a punch of red, of course. Scope out these super-cool black and white dress-up ideas, and picture them paired with a cherry gloss when needed. Time for your close-up, yes?

Punk Princess:

She works in the red with her HAIR. Love it!

Preppy Diva:

Orangey-red on the hem and in the heels makes a bold statement, but her outfit remains Pure Class.

Vampy Seductress:

Red lips and red tights? She’s got it down.

Girly Country:

Laid back and subtly feminine with open back, A-line skirt and sleek red belt. The cowgirl boots are a nice touch, too.


New Obsession: Uneven Hemlines

Why does every girl in this city wearing uneven hemline look like such an effortlessly chic princess? Whether pulled off in silk, chiffon, wool, denim or otherwise, this unbearably fabulous look is wearable, sexy, and glam without a hint of that odious I-try-too-hard factor. Worn with the shorter part to the side or in the front, you can’t go wrong. Where to score yours? Look around, dolls. I guarantee you will find the right one.

Free People skirt ON SALE for $68 at

Need Supply Co "Buttercup Skirt" ON SALE for 32.99

Urban Outfitters, "Sparkle & Fade High/Low Skirt"

Lavender Dreams

Her lavender skirt is a vintage find. I love how she roughs it up with messy, bleached hair and a bright red bag. Tres chic. Photo borrowed from

I’m a pink girl and always have been, but recently my eye has been drifting toward all things purple and pretty. Though fall is upon us and it’s time to button up, and often darken up, there’s no shame in using this bold pastel in your styling from head to toe. Here are some fab uses for lavender.

Sweep the floor.

A floral chiffon skirt packs major punch and will look great with a gray wool sweater, tights and boots., $58

Top it off.

The fun pattern keeps this classic cut youthful and cool., $88

Wrap and go.

Things are coming up roses with this delicious scarf., ON SALE for $10


A beautiful amethyst necklace will brighten up your woollies., ON SALE for $312.50


I've always been crazy for Liliacism, and am thrilled that it's still available., $8

White Out

Misty New York weather means dreary attitudes, no? Manhattanites are so big on black and gray that when the sun is in hiding, these tend to be the first colors we turn to. I try to make an effort to turn the other color cheek, opting for bright pops of colors on days like this. However, to break my personal mold, today I have paired white skinnies with a long, sheer-at-the-bottom white top and my new gray-and-white Toms.

Why not stick out in a pale-on-pale combo? Here are some more white out options that are truly sublime for summertime.

This pretty young thing rocks a sweet lace dress and 80's-esque white power pumps to perfection. Love how she keeps it edgy with bright pink dipped hair and lips!

Feeling less ladylike and more punky? The great thing about all-white is, anything goes! Why not try a vintagey oversized silk blouse and little spandex shorts? Bonus: this pairing miraculously (and surprisingly!) hides a tummy and makes your legs look thinner. A win-win for whites!

This photo and the above borrowed from