Hausfrau: the new sexy look?

A year ago I went to drinks to celebrate a friend’s birthday after work. It was a casual affair, so I went straight from work in the dress I’d worn despite much contemplation. It was the end of the laundry cycle, and all the cute dresses were either buried in the bottom of the hamper or on house arrest at the dry cleaner’s until I could afford to pick them up. What now? I donned a beige midi-length cotton dress that’s lace in front and linen-like down the back, with a pleated skirt. Underneath it was my usual sheer-dress solution, a black cotton long sleeved T and black leggings. I paired it with brown Frye boots. I spent the whole night wondering if I looked like a hausfrau; my friends thought it was a combination of hilarious and true.

But the more I troll around online looking for cute loot at a great price, the more I’m seeing that this sort of early 20th-century gauzey house dress look is surprisingly in. And I am not even a little ashamed to say I totally love it. Now, this is one trend that your boyfriend won’t understand. In fact, he might cringe at the sight of your new dress.

But if you take a page out of Taylor Swift’s recent outfit books, you’ll see that this look is totally now. Her Grammy performance dress, anyone? Okay, so the braid was overkill. But the dress was (oddly) hot.

Here are some of my personal favorites. Don’t wanna join in on the fun? Suit yourself!

Turn up the volume by making your house dress a red one. Betsey Johnson Pink Label tulip print maxi halter dress, $148,