Major Metallics

There’s nothing this girls loves like a little pop of metallics. Summer is still here, and we’ve got a few solid months remaining to sport those floral dresses, cut-offs, and bright neon nails. But before we commit to a fall-friendly wardrobe of black tights, great boots, and plenty of hardware-embellished handbags, let’s give an early nod to metallics that work at any time of year.

I like to think of mine as the new neutral. You don’t need to be wearing any particular outfit in order to make a gold-tone or silver-tone detail shine. As you know from previous posts, I’ve been living in these BCBG gold bow-detail sandals for much of the season. They add a bit of polish to a casual look and dress down more formal frocks, making them great for work, play and everything in between.

_6725384I’m also a massive fan of Tory Burch’s cardigans, and all of mine feature pretty gold buttons down the front. These are just slightly dressier than your average buttons and make your cardi more of a statement piece than a throw-on.


limited edition “Delight” polish by CHANEL. $27,

At my glamorous New York City bachelorette party last weekend, we got manicures at an upscale salon. Usually greeted by only OPI and Essie at my salon here in Dallas, I of course opted for Chanel as my polish selection. The gold hue I chose is something I would normally reach for in fall months, but I just absolutely loved the subtle shimmer of the color and knew it would look divine against a tan. Bonus? Gold polish looks great with literally everything in your wardrobe.

Also, don’t shy away from non-jewelry accessories of the metal variety. A shiny clutch brings any black dress to the next level, and Urban sells some fantastic “goddess” headdresses that are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Embrace metallics and remember that they do not have to “match” in order to work. Avoid heavy metal but drip yourself in silver, gold and copper tones for enviable style that will carry you right from this season into next.


mandalay flower goddess chain headwrap, $19,


Relentless Summer

It was “cold” and drizzly this weekend. We laughed out loud as we saw the locals huddled at the tables outside Starbucks, shivering in their fleeces and warming up with a hot coffee or tea. Josh was in shorts and drinking an iced beverage. I was secretly shivering in agreement with the locals.

Three days in the 60s and 70s and I was over it, but now the heat is back and I am whining to a different tune. I love summer, but when you’re stuck indoors working and the sun is shining outside your window, it gets a little old, no? Nothing motivates a girl like a good cloudy day where she can hunker down and focus. Or at least, that’s my view.

In terms of fashion, it’s still too warm to rock a lot of my fall finds, but I am finding small ways to work them in. Hey, if you can’t take the heat, reinvent the outfit.

Things I love:

A three-quarter sleeve mini dress with heels is wearable in warmer weather but with the polish of a fall ensemble. In a few weeks, you can add tights and a blazer.
Catherine Malandrino dress, $395,

A breathable blouse with white pants is perfect for in-between days. You aren’t getting too dark and fall-ish, but you’re covered if the temperature drops.
Tory Burch silk blouse, $325,

Sparkly peeptoes work with summery minis, white or blue jeans, and into the fall transition of black cigarette leg pants or a wool midi-skirt.
I adore these Giuseppe Zanotti’s, $1,495,

I bought these lightweight Gap cords over the weekend. Josh loves the fit, and I love the color! They work now with flats or brogues and a T; they’ll be even better in two months with ankle boots and a wool sweater.
1969 Legging cords, $59,

A Long Time Coming

She might have warned against too many accessories, but even Coco loved to drip in jewels...

Not only have I let you down, my faithful readers, but I have let myself down, too. The rush and constant excitement of freelance writing paired with a full-time job has become a truly fun but never-ending cycle that allows little time for personal rumination and other simple pleasures. I have made the firm decision to NEVER wait this long again to update Sparkles & Fun and I hope I have not lost your love and attention!

For today, a quick trend note that I hope you’ll all enjoy. In working at Tiffany & Co and finding myself purchasing a ton of baubles recently, I find that sometimes it can be extraordinarily satisfying to wear too many pieces of jewelry. Yes, I must apologize posthumously to Coco Chanel who advised that a lady should always remove one thing before heading out the door. I proudly admit that more often than not, I’m adding something rather than subtracting. Elsa Peretti open hearts, Tiffany keys, double hearts, charms, Return to Tiffany… more sterling than one can imagine wanting floats from everywhere possible. Oh, and lest we forget the rings…

The moral is, my cherubs, you can never hold too firmly to the rules. What one person deems unseemly or declasse could just be your next fashion moment, so try to enjoy, indulge, and be merry this season.

xxx Jensy

Snake? Charmer!

I must admit to a harrowing fear of slithery creatures. My one concession is these Coach shoes from a few seasons back that I do admit to loving.

My beloved Coach sandals

But this fall, it seems python is everywhere, so it might just be time to suck it up. Admittedly, the pattern is beautiful and flatters most skintones. Furthermore, snakeskin prints work in a variety of mediums from skirts and dresses to shoes, bags, and more. But what about the whole cruelty factor? (And the general sense of ick that goes with actually wearing a snake).

I’m really digging the latest from All Saints, where the python aesthetic comes not from actual skins, but careful bespoke embellishment from dyes, sequins and expertly done beading. Amazing, no? The collection features beautiful skirts, dresses, tops, and accessories to fit and flatter every girl. Here are some highlights from the Fall Winter 2011-2012 lookbook. Hisssss.

For the girl who wants to flaunt her gams:

Embellished python skirt,, $270
If you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, but want to keep the fit loose and funky: 

Embellished python tee,, $395

If you’re only willing to work it with a pop of snakeskin:

Python curse scarf,, Only available on the UK site