To Louis With Love

Did anyone else nearly die when they saw Kirsten Dunst in a checkerboard Louis Vuitton dress at The Art of Elysium’s 6th Annual Heaven Gala a couple weeks ago? Her hair and outfit pairings (the ivory clutch, the simple pointed-toe show) were perfection. But if we’re being honest, that dress is what stole the show. And the red carpet. Nay, the entire night.Kirsten+Dunst+Louis+Vuitton+TAOEG+1

Louis Vuitton is often on the cutting edge of fashion despite their long historic roots and classically beloved styles. But this new collection is an absolute masterpiece fit for women of all walks of life. It’s fun, it’s chic, it’s a little of the old world and plenty of the new. If I had the chance to blow a ton of change on one outfit this spring, it would definitely be one of these. Now the question is, which one?

Louis+Vuitton+Spring+2013+p0vbkp1Rx4tl Louis+Vuitton+Spring+2013+708Kawuii6Ol Louis+Vuitton+Spring+2013+CR-5t2OicRflWhile we’re daydreaming, I’ll take a model’s body in addition to my spring wardrobe budget. And in that case, I’ll be going with Look #1 of the above, the long-sleeved black and white crop-top-and-mini-skirt ensemble. Gorgeous!


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